PC suddenly will not POST

  talia 13:27 29 Dec 2003


N new build PC running XP Home SP1, AND1700+ CPU, 256 SDRam with a 32bit AGPcard has suddenly stopped working.
When I swith on the LED flsah and the all fans run but that is as far as it gets no beeps or display.
I have tried a different graphic card but same thing. I have also removed memory modules one a time the same with drives but no joy.
Any suggestions??

  roy 13:38 29 Dec 2003

You can strip the machine down to just processor (with cooler ,of course) and memory and you should get a beep when booting up. If the fans work but nothing else and no beep; nothing on the screen then I would suspect the motherboard or possibly the cpu. If you can return to the dealer where you bought the stuff can he check these for faults.

  DieSse 14:12 29 Dec 2003

Also try taking out the CPU and refitting it - sometimes reseating the contacts will work.

  callingman 14:16 29 Dec 2003

I had something similar which turned out to be a motherboard problem concerning compatability with the memory.

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