PC suddenly uses 99% cpu, Worked fine before

  MrRaz 14:23 26 Jun 2016

So to give a bit of background. I tried playing gta 5 today after getting back from work and noticed a very bad fps drop after checking the settings to see if anything changed which it didn't I tried lowering them this didn't help so I tried lowering them all the way still got only 10-15 fps.

So I tried looking at what might be the cause and i realised the cpu usage is very high.

I then turned off the game and the cpu usage dropped to the usual average 20% with occasional jumps to 35-40 which was normal for my pc before. But then when I tried to watch a video I noticed that my usage is back up to 99%

pics: click here screenshots were taken with only the basic apps running + malwarebytes and avast scans. I tried benchmarking the cpu using CPU-Z and I got a single thread performance of 245 and multi thread of 1371 which is a third of what an fx8150 should be making (643 and 3544 respectively) nevermind an overclocked fx8350.

Temps are normal measured with ohm:

cpu temps max 39.9 min 36.3

gpu temps min 46 max 47

Pc specs:

fx8350 @ 4.36ghz (lowered from 4.5 as weather got warmer now)

r9 280x @ 1060mhz

24gig ram

3 HDDs


  MrRaz 17:08 26 Jun 2016

ok changing the voltages seems to have fixed it but I'm afraid that there is an underlying problem that caused this

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