PC Stuttering/Lagging after damage to motherboard

  Matt S 01:08 15 Apr 2018

so basically i was replacing my thermal paste and one of the nails got stuck in this slot you can see in the photo and i ended up having to remove the slot and refastening it into the bracket which is fairly annoying to do. In doing so i managed to damaged my motherboard around the edge of the motherboard socket as you can see in the photo i was wondering is this the type of damage that could cause issue with my pc to stutter and for my audio to be a bit dodgy at times. I seem to have this issue when i get stuttering on my pc or lagg when doing a random task and then my mic stops working in discord and i have to unplug it and plug it into another usb slot to get it to work. i have no idea if this would cause damage to the motherboard or not im betting it would be i need some advice cause im not sure whether to replace the motherboard or what to do.

here is a picture of the damage : click here motherboard is a z170x gaming 3 ddr4


  alanrwood 10:42 15 Apr 2018

Sorry but I can't see where the damage is in your photo. Can you take another at a higher resolution and lighter and if possible add an arrow to indicate where the damage is.

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