PC Stuffs monitors

  oicur2ys4me2 08:35 23 Mar 2008

A friends PC has started stuffing any monitor connected to it.
Didn't believe it myself at first, as I can't see how a PC can do any damage to a monitor.

I tried 2 different monitors my self (both I know for a fact worked perfectly beforehand), and after being connected to the offending pc, neither monitor works with any pc at all....

Could it be a power problem??
maybe it's shorting out somehow??

I'm at a total loss

Any help would be greatly appreciated :-)

  Technotiger 08:59 23 Mar 2008

I have never heard of this before, but it would appear to me to be some sort of problem with the Graphics knocking out the power connections of the monitors.

Does your friend have on-board graphics? if so, then it could be his Motherboard somehow causing a short, as you guessed. Or, if your friend has a Graphics Card, he should try a different card and another known working Monitor.

Though this is all conjuncture at this time!

  Batch 09:10 23 Mar 2008

What sort of monitors were they (LCD or CRT)?

I seem to recall that some (old CRT?) monitors weren't happy being connected at a non-supported (by the monitor) resolution / refresh rate and damage could potentially be done by this.

  oicur2ys4me2 09:53 23 Mar 2008

The monitors are CRT, and it is onboard graphics.
I tried an AGP card in case it was only the onboard graphics chip that was the problem, but with no luck.

Also, the 2 monitors I've tried now don't work at all on either of my 2 PC's either.
So, whatever is happening is totally knocking the monitor for a loop.....

As you cam imagine, I am quite hesitant at borrowing spare monitors from others as I would quite possibly have to replace them also....
(bit different when it's your own spare monitors your risking)

  Technotiger 10:08 23 Mar 2008

Hmm, could be the Motherboard or the PSU either causing some sort of short, or pumping out too much Power. A difficult one as you say, 'cos you can't just keep feeding it monitors!

Has your friend, or anyone else been doing anything recently inside his case - could have dislodged something or other.

  DieSse 10:45 23 Mar 2008

The only thing it could be is the graphics card (or motherboard as you say it's onboard graphics) - the monitor cable, or the power cord to the monitor.

I've never seen it happen in many years myself - but I suppose it's just possible.

click here is the signal list of the most densely wired connectors. Many don't have several of these wires.

If you were very careful, you could try looking at the signals on each pin.

  lotvic 12:26 23 Mar 2008

"I tried 2 different monitors my self (both I know for a fact worked perfectly beforehand), and after being connected to the offending pc, neither monitor works with any pc at all...."

You have not detailed what happened to the monitors when they stopped working.
Was there a display and then it 'died'?

Do the monitors show any sign of life at all? (Orange Standby or any Screen Messages)

Have you tried the monitor(s) in a completely different wall socket and checked the fuse in the plug?

What happens if you plug a monitor in and switch it on (not connected to pc or anything else? Is it still showing no sign of electrical life?
Is the power button lit up (and have you pressed it to switch it on - only joking)

  oicur2ys4me2 20:58 23 Mar 2008

When I 1st booted the offending PC everything seemed to work perfectly.
About 10 minutes later the screen went "funny" (sorta like a tv that's not tuned in properly).
Rebooted the PC, monitor standby light still on, but nothing on screen.
There's a quick flash on the screen at bootup, but then nothing.
The PC must still be "talking" to the monitor as I Don't get the "no connection" message on the monitor.

I did try plugging one of the monitors into my 2nd pc again this morning, (7:55am Mon 24th March here in Australia)and booted the pc and the monitor now works again after having all night to "cool off"

So, it is looking more and more like a motherboard problem.....

This one certainly has me scratching my head.....

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:04 23 Mar 2008

onboard graphics sending out of range signal to monitors.

Reset the BIOS to default settings by using clear jumper or by removing battery for a few minutes (10).

  oicur2ys4me2 00:14 25 Mar 2008

unfortunately resetting the BIOS had no effect :-(

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