Pc stucked before bios, no command works

  Nick Badea 10:31 29 Jan 2017

Hello everyone, yesterday after the pc freezed while I was watching a movie, i restarted and an error from Windows appeared, i tried to restart and restart but it didnt work. I took out the hard disks and insterted them in another pc and windows worked perfectly. I started looking a little into the bios of the not working pc and now nothing works anymore. This is what i get:

Please help me

  Secret-Squirrel 11:46 29 Jan 2017

Remove the PC's power lead then hold in its power button for a few seconds to discharge any residual current on the motherboard. Reconnect the power cable and turn it on and hopefully that'll fix the problem you have.

  Nick Badea 12:20 29 Jan 2017

Secret-Squirrel, Still the same problem..

  Secret-Squirrel 12:56 29 Jan 2017

Make sure there are no USB pen drives or external drives connected. Also ensure there's no disk in the optical drive if you have one.

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