PC Stuck In No Boot Sequence

  dogbreath1 07:56 29 Mar 2010

Booted a PC (XP SP3) this morning and got a message that the new found hardware wizard wanted to install a raid controller. This gas happened a long time ago but was resolved.

Thought I'd reboot to disable this behaviour in the bios, but PC wouldn't reboot.

It's stuck in a sequence which starts with power up then, after only a few seconds, restarts again. Nothing at all appears on the monitor.

Interesting thing is, after disconnecting all power from the PC and then turning it back on at the mains, the boot sequence starts without the 'power on' button being depressed.

Any ideas on how to escape this cycle would be very welcome.

  mgmcc 08:56 29 Mar 2010

Silly question but the power button isn't stuck in the "pressed" position?

This would obviously cause it to start up immediately when mains power was restored and would also force a shut down after a few seconds (although it should shut down rather than restart).

  dogbreath1 10:31 29 Mar 2010

Thanks for the reply.

Not a silly question! I have two identical machines and on the other PC the button can and does get stuck occasionally. In this case, I don't think that's the issue unless the power switch itself is now defective rather than stuck.

Since I started this thread, the machine will not even start to boot. When the mains power is connected, the fan rotates on the power supply but nothing else.

I've taken the PC to a repair shop now so I will have to wit for the verdict!

I'll be sure to post back with the results.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:12 29 Mar 2010

Dying PSU

  dogbreath1 17:55 29 Mar 2010

Bang on!

New one installed, all is now well.



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