Pc stuck in boot mode

  yogibear 22:00 02 Mar 2010

Just bought a new pc (36 hours ago). 250gb SATA HDD with an additional 1.5TB SATA as slave. 2GB DDRAM (?) dual core AMD.

Bought a HDD enclosure to transfer all my stuff from my old pc to the new one, all that went ok. Downloaded all latest updates (XP Pro) and restarted as per instructions. Bummer.

DOS startup screen comes and goes, Windows XP screen comes up, with the little blue scrolling bar at the bottom, and that's it. 2 hours and still no windows. Will not go into safe mode, it hangs, last known good settings no go.

I was so convinced about the new system I deleted all my transferred files, many treasured files that I simply cannot do without.

Taking it back to suppliers tomorrow, but thought I'd give you guys a try first.

  MAT ALAN 22:12 02 Mar 2010

Downloaded all latest updates (XP Pro)

Thats a worry, you probably don't need 90% of them, so it may be software conflict somewhere along the line, If you have the option to format and reinstall then try that.
Anything we suggest that is hardware related will probably invalidate your warranty agreement with the place you bought it from...

  DieSse 22:16 02 Mar 2010

Sorry but it isn't clear to me exactly what you've done.

"Bought a HDD enclosure to transfer all my stuff from my old pc to the new one, all that went ok."

What software did you use? - was it just data, or everything.

The "all that went OK" - do you mean at that stage your new system was up and running correctly?

"Downloaded all latest updates (XP Pro) and restarted as per instructions."

Your new system, now working - you then downloaded updates and it stopped working?

Who installed XP on the new system? - you or the supplier?

Where did you install it from?

Assuming you have an XP installation CD, have you tried a "repair re-install" of XP?

Have you deleted your files from both the original PC AND the external drive? (surely not both?).

  northumbria61 22:21 02 Mar 2010

"Taking it back to suppliers tomorrow, but thought I'd give you guys a try first".

That's the first thing I would do - and plead ignorance. Don't do anything that will invalidate your warranty!

  MAT ALAN 22:22 02 Mar 2010

DieSse is right that a repair from a bootable CD might be the first option, the only reason i suggested format and reinstall is the amount of times unnecessary updates have caused conflict, and of course once they are installed you cannot just uninstall them...

  yogibear 23:01 02 Mar 2010

DeSiesse, used an enclosure, basically a carriage for inserting aHDD in and then connecting by USB to the new machine. Then just highlighted and moved everything over to the new M/c.
I did the install myself, no probs there. Well, until the last couple of updates anyway.

  DieSse 23:31 02 Mar 2010

There's been an issue with some recent MS updates and machines failing to restart, if some undiscovered root-kit had infected the system.

click here

A repair re-install may be the only way if you want to preserve data you have no copies of.

I don't think you actually did exactly what you said, because if you had you wouldn't have got a working system. That's why it's useful to know the exact method by which things were done.

If you bought the system very recently, I presume you did get an XP install CD?

  yogibear 00:26 03 Mar 2010

DieSse, thanks for that. Managed to do a repair reinstall after all, kept everything as it should be, thanks all.
Yes, I did get an install cd and that's what did the trick.

Bloody technology, well, me then!

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