pc streaming to tv

  dubtouch 17:46 05 Jan 2010

Im trying to stream from my pc to tv.I have bought a vga cable and splitter which runs from an NVIDIA Geforce8400 GS graphics card.so i can see pc content on monitor and tv no problem but unless tv is on the pc monitor is off.tv seems to have control priority.Also i have a slight audio delay on the tv (samsung UE32B6000). I have used a 3.5mm stereo audio lead and splitter from the realtek high definition audio card using the usual analogue out.Should i be outputting from the digital audio out of the pc to the tv instead? The audio in on the tv is a 3.5mm mini jack though, and the digital audio out on the pc is the spdif type i think its called.is there a cable with oppropriate fittings each end?.I have used 10 metre length cables as its required to reach, is this an issue? Please help someone with any part of this nightmare :-(

  howard64 09:37 07 Jan 2010

I had similar problems and recently after my graphics card died I bought a replacement with an hdmi socket and an hdmi cable for the connection to the tv. Have to set the source of the tv to hdmi but the reception is perfect for both sound and vision.

  woodchip 10:31 07 Jan 2010

Right Click on Desktop\Properties\Settings\Advanced change Monitors over. you should see two monitors

  Muergo 12:10 07 Jan 2010

Maplin do a neat little Nikkai wireless audio/video sender for £30.

It has various connectors on sender and receiver.
Goes from my PC upstairs to TV in lounge OK, you can buy another receiver for a second TV

Ref nbr is A15GY

Hope this helps.

  dubtouch 14:32 08 Jan 2010

Thanks howard64 on closer inspection i realised i had an hdmi port (doh) and everything works great now!
Also thanks woodchip and Muergo for helping out.Helpful place this :)

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