PC stops seeing external hard drive

  MichaelF 14:31 11 Mar 2010

I have an Iomega Desktop USB2 external harddrive that I have been using with no problems for about a year. It is the 1TB version
When I switched it on this morning it lights up, makes a whiring noise follwed by a click and keeps repeating the sequence of noises.
It sounds as if it is trying to connect but can't.
When I check on my PC the drive does not appear, the device manager does have it anymore.

Anybody got any ideas.

I am running windows xp with service pack 3.

  rizlo29 15:14 11 Mar 2010

I think this happens when something in registry gets wiped out. Its quite easy to remove an important registry key when removing adware, spyware etc.

Try doing a system restore, I'm sure that resets the registry.

Or google for some software to repair registry.

  scotty 15:19 11 Mar 2010

My first thoughts were that the drive is not getting enough power supplied to it. Perhaps the power supply is failing or the connector from the supply to the drive is not making good contact.

If the drive can be removed from the housing, you could try mounting it directly into your computer to check that the problem is not with the drive.

  SJM_81 16:05 11 Mar 2010

install again?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:46 11 Mar 2010

"makes a whiring noise follwed by a click and keeps repeating the sequence of noises."

heads hitting platter sounds like that not good news I'm afraid.

Does it show in disk management?

  MichaelF 15:27 12 Mar 2010

Thanks for the various suggestions. Answers as follows:
1. It does not show in disc management.
2. I do not feel confident enough to try rehousing the disc in the PC.
3. I can't see anything wrong with the power supply but it is a sealed unit.
4. There is no software to install. The hard drive self installed when first connected.
5. I have swopped the usb connection just in case but exactly the same problem.
6. I will look for a register repair programme, any suggestions?

  peugeot man 16:57 12 Mar 2010

From your description it does sound like mechanical failure of the drive

  MichaelF 07:16 13 Mar 2010

I think I will get in touch with the manufacturers and see what they say.

  MichaelF 17:55 31 Mar 2010

Problem solved, Iomega sent me a replacement. No questions asked, great response.

  robin_x 18:10 31 Mar 2010

Good advert for Iomega or are all HDD mfrs that nice?

Did they ask for proof of purchase?
Or do you have extended warranty?

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