PC stops accessing internet

  John Crowter 17:47 15 Jul 2005

Win XP Pro SP2. I have just upgraded to Broadband from DialUp. My PC is linked to a wireless modem router by cable and my son's laptop has a wireless connection.

My problem is that my PC seems to be PARTLY losing its connection to the Internet, often, but not always after a period of inactivity.

It is usually not a complete loss of connection - typed URLs to, eg, a certain streaming music site usually get through. When unable to connect to any sites, I noticed my AntiVirus Software automatically update.

When I am unable to connect to sites my son, using the same modem/router can.

I was having similar problems with the dial-up connection. Usually had to disconnect and redial to rectify it.

I have tried taking the router offline and reconnecting, also tried "repairing" the LAN.

After rebooting the problem has usually gone away, but sometimes not immediately.

"Idle Time" is set to Zero, and "Dial On Demand" is unchecked on the router interface.

"Internet Options/Connections" is set to Dial On Demand"

"Internet Options/Connections/LAN Settings" - I have tried Automatically Detect Settings both checked and unchecked.

Has anyone any ideas that might help, please ?

John C

  John Crowter 17:50 15 Jul 2005

One more thing, I have tried switching to Mozilla Firefox when things are not right in IE, but that doesn't help.

John C

  Gizmo.mp3 19:18 15 Jul 2005

(see in Helproom)
but AFAIK, if you're on broadband, the Dial-up settings should be set to 'Never dial a connection'
Might help...

  John Crowter 19:54 15 Jul 2005

Yes, sorry, I typed that in wrong. My mind was still on the router interface. Internet Options/Connections is set to "Never dial a connection"

  mgmcc 20:33 15 Jul 2005

From your comments, it sounds as if your AntiVirus program updating, or continually checking for updates, may be interfering with other online activity. Have you tried disabling its automatic update facility to see if your connection is then more stable?

  John Crowter 21:28 15 Jul 2005


Thanks, I'll give it a go. I am using Avast Home Edition.

  John Crowter 19:02 20 Jul 2005

I continued to have the same problem so enabled automatic updates again.
Yesterday, on a different forum, I found posts from someone who had had the same problem as me, and for some reason Windows Media Player was suspected. He rolled back from version 10 to version 9, and seemed to cure the problem. I did the same 24 hours ago, and so far all is running well.
I wouldn't definately say that the siyuation is resolved, but it is looking good :)

  John Crowter 15:09 21 Jul 2005

Me again!
This morning we are back to normal. PC was working fine right up to bedtime. Left on Standby overnight. This morning I could only get a couple of web pages to load - they were sites that I had visited yesterday, but within those sites I could load pages that I had not visited yesterday. All other sites, after about ten seconds of trying, threw up a screen saying "Web Page Unobtainable" or something to that effect. Could not access e-mail either.
After reboot all was OK.
I have now come back after leaving it on Standby for a couple of hours, and I cannot get any contact at all, until after rebooting. The Router "Online" light was on.
Please has anyone any ideas?

  retep888 15:39 21 Jul 2005

Any chance?

Try swap the connection method with your son,i.e.you use wireless and he uses cable and see how it goes.

It's worth a try ,you got nothing to lose.

  John Crowter 20:15 21 Jul 2005

Thanks for the suggestion.

I am wondering what NIC is ?

The difficulty with this idea is that my son has a Wireless card plugged into his laptop which doesn't have a corresponding slot on my PC.

  retep888 20:47 21 Jul 2005

Sorry,it's your ethernet adapter(network)

I thought your son's got a desktop,sorry can't help.

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