PC Stolen - Can Microsoft disable xp on it?

  clarkyicm 15:02 22 Apr 2003

My PC has recently been stolen.

I had XP Pro installed on it. My question is - is there anything Microsoft can do to disable XP on it (eg. on next s/w update) so the scumbags can't use it?

  Andsome 15:30 22 Apr 2003


If they could or would what good would it do? Xp does not cost much to buy compared with the price of a computer. They only need to format and install a new version.

  geeuk 15:43 22 Apr 2003


I believe microsoft can blockit from installing any service packs on it. At least this will anoy then especially if they resell. call 0870 60 10 1000

If you have the original disk you can reinstall it on another pc Microsoft will alow you 2 gos at the registration process.

  Sir Radfordin™ 15:55 22 Apr 2003

It is highly unlikely that M$ will be able to disable XP. Your PC would need to be connected to the Internet to do so, and would also need to have a 'phone home' command. XP doesn't really ahve that.

  clarkyicm 16:02 22 Apr 2003

Just thought there must be some sort of registration process to stop pirating of the software. Guess this is just on initial install.

Andsome - Only point is to annoy them as much as possible.
Cost of machine is nothing cmpared with ballache of putting all my data back on a new machine!

  wee eddie 20:07 22 Apr 2003

MS, very generously allow the Licensee of MS Office to install for a second time on a Laptop run by the same user.

Should that Laptop be stolen - What is the licensees position. Can MS Office be legitimately be installed on the replacement Laptop!

Of course this is not a serious or contentious thought. Is it!

  Rtus 20:57 22 Apr 2003

It may be possible for (if insured)your insurance policy to cover the software too Especially if M/s say you cant reinstall ( which I doubt if thats the case but one never knows)But also doubt if M/s can in fact help other than agreeing you can reinstall on a replacement unit when you get one.

  jeez 21:32 22 Apr 2003

the licenced user is the one who can produce the certificate of authenticity, every other copy with the same serial number is illegal

  Andsome 08:14 23 Apr 2003

The whole point is, that even if Microsoft were able to block use of the OS, it is cheap compared to the cost of a new computer, for the thief to buy and install a new OS.

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