Pc Startup Problem

  freddy-firecracker 13:05 18 Oct 2004

Just put my Pc back to factory settings after being advised by support team, PC was taking 5 minutes to boot up after doing this. Contacted Medion again who advised me to switch power off at the mains for PC but hold finger on PC power switch for one minute. Started system again,

Bingo seems to work ok now, although asked why this happened on a machine only six months old. Possible reasons stated as amount of use/location etc.

Is this just a fob-off excuse or does this ring true.....

advice helpful


  Muzzsjm 13:08 18 Oct 2004

Hummmmmmm very strange. What did they mean by location? Your street/country etc or where its located in your house?

As for amount of use thats also a bit dodgy PC's are designed to be used to hours on end hence the fans n cooling etc. I would say more the type of use rather than amount?

  freddy-firecracker 13:15 18 Oct 2004


Yeah, think they meant was it on a carpet/ work station. I Kinda thought it was a CPU/memory problem. The guy on the support team said is was due to STATIC but i'm not too sure. You are right about the length of time, i only use the PC for a couple hours eacd day.

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