PC startup problem

  riathamus 20:50 07 Jan 2004

ok i have an medion computer with 512mb of RAM pentium 4 a new computer and when I install a new piece of antivirus for example Norton or Avast then when I install either of them when I try to load my copmuter it either freezes on the login screen or the beginnig of startup and it just freezes. so i just did a system restore. everything is working except i cant install any antivirus or it freezes at startup

any help on the subject would be very helpful and greatly appreciated thanks

  Bramblerose 22:32 07 Jan 2004

Have you tried using AVG - its free and it can be downloaded from Grisoft website?

click here

  gold 47 22:40 07 Jan 2004

Just a thought you haven't got any antivirus software preinstalled have on your recovery disk or disks?? i know xp is a pain at times but i have never had a lock up installing any antivirus.

  gold 47 22:41 07 Jan 2004

Sorry for error should read preinstalled have you on.

  riathamus 15:59 08 Jan 2004

I dont have any antivirus on recovery disk and AVG antivirus still lock up my computer
thanks for the replies so far

  alcudia 16:05 08 Jan 2004

You havn't got more than one AV program installed have you. If so they will probably clash.

  riathamus 10:35 10 Jan 2004

no I dont have any other anti virus
thanks anyway

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