pc starting problems

  dnic77 13:53 29 Mar 2014

hi, please help, i recently cleaned pc fans i removed motherboard from case to do this leaving cpu cooler attached. now the problem is when i put it back together it wont post beep, no bios just all fans spin up. yes ive checked connectors 5 times over, retested bios, removed ram and tried different scenarios like no ram, 1 stick 2 sticks different sockets and nothing. ive tried psu and gpu in other pc and all is well. so any suggestions please.


asrock 970 extreme 3

amd fx-6300

corsair vengeance 1600 2 x 4gb

evga geforce gtx 560 (non ti)

cit 550 watt psu

Xigmatek Aegir CPU Cooler

sandisk 128gb ssd

thanks Dave

  rdave13 17:19 29 Mar 2014

All I can suggest is to follow the manual carefully to check that all connections are correct. You might have missed something. You can download the English European manual here.

  Forum Editor 18:38 29 Mar 2014

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  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:53 29 Mar 2014

May be shorting to case

remove from case and lay on newspaper and connect everything up see if it boots

  dnic77 19:11 29 Mar 2014

hi everyone and thanks for the replys. ok its out of the case and on the original box. i disconected everything and except the the cpu and heatsink (no fan). i went from there 1 stick off ram in defferent slots then 2 sticks, gpu and still nothing. nothing from the speaker either. ive went over all the connections then checked them again. could it be a dead motherboard or cpu? if ram was dead id surely get some beeps? agian thanks for replys guys really appreciated.


  rdave13 20:31 29 Mar 2014

Removing the fan from the heatsink might have made the connection of the CPU poor originally. Disturbing the thermal paste. Running it out of the case without a fan at all might have fried the CPU. It takes seconds to fry a cpu without cooling. Most modern motherboards use the case as neutral but the original machine screws must be used. Size of the heads of the screws are important as well as not over tightening.

  dnic77 14:46 30 Mar 2014

i think ive disturbed something. at first i didnt power it on with no cpu fan attached but if i did im sure the Xigmatek Aegir with no fan would control the heat for a few seconds. when i removed it from case it was only slightly out so i could get at everything easier. i think its time to get it in the local pc shop because im getting withdrawal symptoms haha. if they find the problem ill post it on here and thanks guys.

  Jollyjohn 16:21 30 Mar 2014

Whilst motherboard is out of case try using a small screwdriver to short out power switch pins. The power switch on most computers is a "push to make" switch that does not stay connected once released. If computer works, use reset switch as temporary alternative.

  dnic77 17:00 30 Mar 2014

ok so ive just tried the screwdriver thing and its the same, just fans come on and no life no beeps and nothing on the display just fans. when i leave it on for a while the heat pipes on cpu cooler are still cold so could that mean something ?

  Jollyjohn 17:28 30 Mar 2014

Double check speaker connection, as you should get some beeps, which can be used to diagnose fault.

The main power connector is a 20 or 24 pin connector. Is there a separate square 4 pin connector on the motherboard? I will confess to having forgotten this one before now.

Can't think of anything else to try at present.

  dnic77 17:38 30 Mar 2014

ive used 2 different speakers (one from another case). the main power connection is 24 pin and the cpu power is pluged in also (ive also forget this in the past).its going in the lcal c shop in morning so hopfully they will find problem. i really appreciate the help.

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