PC starting for few seconds and shutting down

  hussycool52 17:30 08 May 2017

I custom built a new pc two months ago all was working fine and one day I just opened the case to clear the dust and then after cleaning i tried to start the system but the system was not booting. The motherboard was up and all my case fans and cpu fan was running and it turned on for a few seconds and went off the light on the motherboard glitched once or twice or thrice and then it turned off and then turned on again and again after a few seconds it turned off. I saw a checklist and it was written that not to work on your computer on a carpet but I forgot about that so can you please help me out. I am really worried because it is a brand new pc which I built and I use it everyday to do my work on it. It is the only system I have to work on. Awaiting your answer.

  wee eddie 17:55 08 May 2017

If the carpet has a "man - made fibre" content, static electricity can build up in your body which can discharge through whatever you touch.

If you are getting no POST BEEPS you may have fried the RAM or the MOBO

  hussycool52 18:25 08 May 2017

Hey guys i solved my own problem. I dont know what the problem was but i just unplugged my hard drive,ssd and cd drive and just tried to boot into bios and it worked. Then i turned the pc off and connected my all the drives back and somehow the bios was reset so i selected my boot drive and all was working well

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