PC started making strange noises

  Shorty123 12:29 18 Apr 2006

My Pc is about 3 yrs old, built by CCL. Athlon 2200, Windows XP, good graphics card as it was sold as a gaming machine, used now for games/internet.
It has suddenly started making a horrible noise intermittently (from the tower). Sounds like a motor trying to start up, whining noise that rises and falls then eventually stops after maybe 5 to ten minutes.
It has also started making this noise when it boots up.
It has only been used for the internet the past few days and this is when the noise has started.

I am thinking its a fan that is "going"??

I took the side off, all the fans (3 as far as I can see) were working fine at the time.

Is it safe to run it for a while with the side off and wait for the noise to start so I can pinpoint where it is coming from?

Also, how do i check what temperature its running at?

Thanks in advance.

  Devil Fish 13:15 18 Apr 2006

take the side off and used a a rolled piece of paper as an earpice to try to detect the noise

my prime suspect would be the hard drive activity given that you have beem using the internet
run a spyware adware scan and a virus scan

tempurature you should have a monitor in the bios you can also try theses for the desktop

click here speed fan

click here

motherboard monitor

  woodchip 13:39 18 Apr 2006

I would agree on the fan take the sticker off the centre of the fan see if there is a hole to pop one drop of oil in it. This is the CPU fan

  chrisbenwalker 13:39 18 Apr 2006

When you say you took the side of the PC off and could see that the fans appeared to be working ok, could you still hear the noise? I ask because I had a similar problem about a year ago, and it was a similar intermittent problem which turned out to be a faulty fan. And it made a heck of a noise!!

I cant see it being a problem with running the PC with the side off, so long as there's not too much dust around, and also be especially careful not to get static on any of the components by touching them while it is running as you could do some damage. (you do so at your own risk.)

It could also be the hard drive, but whenever I hear ecxessive noise from mine, its when its working too hard and its more of a low grinding noise which usually stops very soon.

Hope you get it sorted, Regards, Chris

  woodchip 14:22 18 Apr 2006

low grinding noise, Hard Drive on it's way out

  Shorty123 14:24 18 Apr 2006

I have taken the side off as it is making the noise again in a big way. I am not sure what is what inside but it is coming from the fan that looks to me to be the most important one. Its not on the back or front of the case, its on the side where there are no vents and is attached to a silver box that is in itself attached to what i think mught be the motherboard?

Should I be taking it in to be looked at (I live 5 mins from CCL), might this silver box be the cpu?

I will try to find out the temperature from the advice given earlier, thanks.

  Shorty123 14:25 18 Apr 2006

Its not a low gringing noise although the pitch does keep changing, its more of a motor type whiney noise?

  woodchip 14:29 18 Apr 2006

Can you get at the Fan hub as I said above?

  Shorty123 14:32 18 Apr 2006

Not really I dont think...to be honest I was reluctant to touch anything as it was running. I will shut down and try, thanks...back soon hopefully.

  Belatucadrus 14:46 18 Apr 2006

When it happened to me it was a PSU fan on its way out, would whine and rattle madly for the first few minutes then calm down.

  Shorty123 14:49 18 Apr 2006

When the noise stopped I was still lokking and nothing visible happened, the fan I thought the noise was coming from didn't appear to slow down or stop at all...haven't shut down yet, will shortly. I am worried if I continue to use the pc as it is, something will overheat and do major damage, does it sound like this is a possibility? thanks again.

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