pc started itself in safe mode - no idea why

  Camille 19:35 21 Jul 2003

system - 1gh duron, 256mb ram, 10gb hard drive, w98se

when I started up the pc, it went into safe mode - very vague message advising to check settings. tried windows troubleshooter advice to run diagnostic startup. now the pc starts up in what looks suspiciously like safe mode only without the words 'safe mode'. My usual startup programs (firewall, viruschecker) don't start up and the display is all wrong (black & white background, overlarge icons etc), but the settings panel won't allow me to change it - the monitor just goes black. and for some reason, I can't use capitals for some letters!

I have limited technical know-how - how do I find out what is causing the problem? I looked in device manager but didn't see any obvious problems (i.e. there were no yellow exclamation marks)

The only things I have done recently were update my virus checker, and my son played on sim city 4 (which crashed several times)

  Camille 20:03 21 Jul 2003

just to add to this - the only way I can connect to the internet to get info is to force the pc to startup in normal mode. I think it probably wants to stay in safe mode, and that's why it's not working properly.

Is there a diagnostic site I could use to check things out?

  woodchip 20:27 21 Jul 2003

Start MSCONFIG from start/run you can click the box normal startup just check to see what as got a tick. Mines selective as I have stoped a lot of background programs running

  Camille 22:16 21 Jul 2003

while waiting for a reply, I thought I'd look again at the archives and saw a post which seemed to be a similar problem to mine. Thought it might be the graphic card driver for nvidia geforce 2 mx/100/200, as it's the display that's worst hit.
so... followed the instructions to uninstall and reinstall the driver.
Uninstalled fine (I thought), but on rebooting I couldn't get it to reinstall as it kept asking for the nvidia disk (which I don't have)

Have just spent 1 1/2 hours downloading the driver and on trying to reinstall, it is *still* asking for the disk - giving error code 1fb

so - now I don't have a driver!

Please help!

  User-312386 22:20 21 Jul 2003

when it asks for the disc, click on browse and then point to the where you have downloaded the driver to

an example would be C:\My Documents\downloads

  Camille 22:38 21 Jul 2003

I tried this - when I try to reinstall it tells me it's located the file (but it's not where I saved it - it's a totally different file name), I go ahead and try anyway, get the request for the disk, press browse and then cannot find the driver!

I saved it to C (not into any particular file, as I thought it would be easier to find!)

  woodchip 23:01 21 Jul 2003

So it should be in Explorer in the root of C:\

  woodchip 23:04 21 Jul 2003

if it's a zip file you will first have to unzip, if it's a exe file double click the file to run it. or look for a setup file in the download

  powerless 23:06 21 Jul 2003
  Camille 23:10 21 Jul 2003

thanks - did that and all seemed to be getting better, except the display seemed a little small. tried to go into control panel to adjust display but it wouldn't let me click it without somehow about 5 other dialogue boxes coming up. restarted, and am now back in safe mode again!!!

so, it can't be the graphics driver because that's been reinstalled.

you mentioned msconfig - what should/shouldn't be ticked? should autoexec and config.sys be ticked? why won't my keyboard let me type certain capital letters? is that linked to the problem?

you were really helpful last time I had difficulties, so am hoping you will be able to come to the rescue again

  Camille 13:50 23 Jul 2003

still having problems!

restored a previous registry, and things seemed to get back to normal. then, i restarted the pc and we're back in safe mode again! tried scanreg/fix, which said it had fixed the registry, but the pc is still starting itself in safe mode

please help - am i going to have to reinstall windows?

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