pc start up problems

  s-256399 16:35 28 Jun 2007

I have various problems trying to start my pc, firstly when i try to start for first time in the morning it either starts and restarts at various points of loading windows sometimes even reaching desktop before restart or pc turns on but monitor remains black, i usually have to spend a couple of hours every day trying to start it but after that it will stay on for as long as leave it on for i can even restart it and it will be fine. I have tried new hard drive, ram, checking all connections inside pc and found no problems but i dont know anything about the psu, motherboard, power supply, which of those is it most llikely to be? If any or is there something else? Its quite an old pc and served me well but if it can be fixed i'd like to try.

  uesquebeathus 16:53 28 Jun 2007

its possibly a failing power supply or motherboard, they do not last for ever'
can you tell us what the power supply is rated at?
also some more info on the make and spec of the pc would help us?

  s-256399 10:27 29 Jun 2007

Before turning on pc this morning I took the pc apart and found the power supply, says total out not exceed 90w. does that sound right? Anyway i couldnt believe how dusty it was, it was thick so i have cleaned it and the pc started first time and has been running now for 20 mins, with no problems, fingers crossed that is all it was but i wil be surprised as the fan on the power supply did not seem to be spinning. If its still working in a couple of days i will resolve this thread.

  keef66 10:58 29 Jun 2007

Crikey, a 90W psu is pretty tiny. Can you tell us what the rest of the pc consists of? Make, model, processor, ram, graphics card, CD / DVD drives, hard drive(s)

Some psu fans don't spin all the time, only when a certain temp is reached

250W is pretty standard these days, and people running powerful graphics cards for gaming generally require 400W and higher.

Simple job to change a psu as long as it's not something like a Dell with non-standard sizes / connectors

  s-256399 11:19 29 Jun 2007

i bought it from tiny 7 years ago,
Processor x86 Family 6 Model 4 Stepping 2 Authentic AMD ~897 Mhz,
256 sdram, system model msi 6191 ,
40gb hard drive,
nvidia riva tnt2 model 64 pro,
sound card,
dvd drive, cd drive,
power supply is dps 145pb-111
all with pc when i bought it.
I have added another 256 sd ram a few years ago,
and usb2 card, also external dvdrw drive and external 80gb hard drive.
Let me no if ive missed anything.
its still going but it is quite warm at the back so maybe i should buy a new power supply anyway, but im not sure what replacement im looking for?

  keef66 11:45 29 Jun 2007

Is the psu fan working and blowing warm air out of the back? If so, your spring clean may be all that was needed.

I guess 7 years ago and Tiny explains the 90W psu; it's done quite well to run the thing for as long as it has.

If you do find you have to replace the thing, take it out and measure it. Hopefully it will be a standard ATX psu, available pretty cheaply on the internet, or if you can't wait and don't mind paying more for the same thing, from any pc shop or even PC World

  keef66 11:52 29 Jun 2007

standard ATX psu is 86 x 140 x 150 mm, and given it's age, will have a 20 pin power connector for the motherboard

  s-256399 12:12 29 Jun 2007

Thanks for your reply,
well the pc has never been without problems,
the fan is definately not working,
i will try and get one from pc world tomorow, do they come with all the cables etc or is there anything else i need to get while im there? it measures 6x4x2.5 roughly, i will turn off pc and measure later. The power supply is delta electronics dps 145pb-111 so hopefully p.c world can advise on a replacement.

  dan* 12:16 29 Jun 2007

You will need to get a Micro ATX power supply with a size of 125L x 100W x 63.5H mm or imperial 4.9" x 3.9" x 2.5". this a replacement for your psu click here giving the sizes but you will want one with a lot more power. 350W or above would be best.

  keef66 12:34 29 Jun 2007

Ebuyer have an extravalue Micro ATX 300w psu for a tenner! However, they are based in Howden which is currently underwater, so it might take a bit longer to arrive than normal. Alternatively try Scan, Novatech or Dabs

If you do go to PC World, take the old psu with you for the avoidance of any misunderstanding. As well as the size of the thing you can compare the connectors.

You don't need to buy any cables, a psu will come with more cables sticking out of it than you actually need, and you'll probably have to tidy some away.

  s-256399 12:40 29 Jun 2007

wow, thanks for all your help, I'll try and get one then have a go at putting in, I'll keep the side off the pc for now to keep it a bit cooler.

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