PC spuriously connects to Internet

  melvyn 23:34 06 Aug 2003


My PC (running XP) connects to the internet without my doing anything!!

I am running Norton Firewall, and Norton Systemworks.

I have also just run Ad-Aware, which did identify 1 data-miner (which it has removed)

Using Norton there is a whole raft of information available, ie connections made etc, and over the last 12 hours, whilst I have been away, there have been over 200 alerts registered - most of them refering to Default Bolock EPMAP blocked.

The PC is networked with my laptop, which has been switched off all day.

Can anyone suggest what I should be doing to resolve this problem.

Many Thanks - Mel

  Forum Editor 00:02 07 Aug 2003

many programs are configured to connect to their home site to see if any updates are available.

Among these are Anti-virus applications, accounting software, graphics editors, PDF creators, Windows itself, and many others.

If you don't want a particular program to make the connection you can either remove it from the startup folder or tell your firewall to ask your permission before allowing any outbound connections. That way you get to decide what accesses the Internet, and when.

  melvyn 05:44 07 Aug 2003

Thanks all,

I have run some of the checking programmes with no luck, so have configured the firewall only to allow through Internet Explorer and Outloook. It's surprising the number of "allowable" programmes that had been set up.

Immediately after blocking everything else, I received notification of many attempts by Windows/system32/svchost.exe to connect to the internet.

Hopefully this action will stop the spurious connections, and will allow me time to look at which programmes should be able to do so.

Many thanks for your advice.

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