PC speed is variable throughout day

  Skinn 22:56 13 Dec 2009

For some unknown reason my PC has variable speed. Earlier today pages were 'freezing' and 'hanging' and word processing was virtually impossible. Now it is back to normal speed and functioning properly.

Does anyone know the reason for this?

  peter99co 23:26 13 Dec 2009

Have you got Nero? I had a similar problem and it was indexing my files.

  User-1229748 11:38 14 Dec 2009

if it starts hanging again look in task manager to see if there is anything hogging the resources.could be anti's scanning or updating amongst others.

  Muergo 12:53 14 Dec 2009

peter99co, what made you zoom in on Nero, I have very similar symptoms to skinn, I have cut down programs not immediately needed in the tray, nothing appears in task manager except ones I am using.
I have Nero installed but don't use it, I have changed to other burners, perhaps I should uninstall Nero completely.?

Sometimes my PC is very fast and then goes to what I can only describe as DOZE mode, still functions but takes ten times longer, rebooting resets it but I don't want to do that many times in a day.

  Woolwell 13:49 14 Dec 2009

If using Vista look for search indexer.

  peter99co 14:04 14 Dec 2009

Just the same symptoms. I had to update Nero in the end. It was something to do with Scout. May be on the wrong track though.

I did not use Nero but it ran in the background unknown to me

  Skinn 19:03 14 Dec 2009

Thanks all. I'm monitoring CPU usage using Windows Task Manager and often is at 100% capacity. Can anyone tell me what high usage for an individual item on the list is?

  Skinn 16:52 01 Jan 2010

I downloaded the Moo0 monitoring system from click here and here are the results:

[U]On Start Up[/U]: Bottleneck CPU
Burned by MsMpEngjqs

The CPU is often at 100% capacity

At other times:

Bottleneck CPU
Burdened by Firefox
CPU 100%

The RAM is 1.37Gb and the processor is an AMD Sempron 3000+

Is it simply just the processor not having the capacity?

Thanks in advance.

  User-312386 17:09 01 Jan 2010

Just had a little look at this one. Does the PC start becoming faster just when its starting to become cooler in the house? If this is the case then it just maybe that your PC is overheating during the day. Download speedfan and have a look at the temperatures in the evening compared to the day.

  Skinn 21:58 22 Jan 2010


The CPU seems to be burdened most of the time with Firefox or whatever other application is in use. It's an AMD Sempron 3000+ Processor . The PC is five years old - would it be worth upgrading the CPU?

  peter99co 18:37 23 Jan 2010

Check forum for MSCONFIG instructions and see if you can disable any tasks not required to be running. Just search for MSCONFIG.

If you have CCleaner this can show startup list as well and will allow you to get better control of active processes. Just be careful what you disable though.

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