pc specification help possible bottleneck

  fullspeed452 12:48 25 Nov 2015

Hi not sure if I've put this in the right place but some help will be greatly appreciated my current pc setup is Amd phenom II 840 x4 @3.2ghz 8gb ram (2x4gb cards @ 1600mhz) 500w psu (cant remember brand) nvidia gt630 2gb

I've been looking at getting the gtx950sc twin fan as I can play some games but some seem to struggle alot but I just wanted to confirm that the problem is my current graphics card I'm pretty sure that's where the system it struggling any help would be great Thanks in advance

  Bris 16:27 25 Nov 2015

Beefing up the graphics card will certainly help but until you try it its impossible to say whether the CPU will keep up but my guess is that you will notice a difference.

A couple of things to consider.... I dont think your GT630 requires a separate 12 volt feed from the PSU whereas the GTX 950 requires a 6 pin feed.

Check the size as, depending on the make, it may occupy two slots (only plugs into one but covers one next to it). As you mention a 2 fan version this may occupy one slot but will be longer.

Hope this helps.

  fullspeed452 16:55 25 Nov 2015

Hi thanks for the reply yes I was aware that it needs a 6 pin power I have one spare on the psu also I looked at the mb its a asrock 970extreme3 dunno if that makes any difference would you consider a different cpu and don't have any problems with space around the pcie due to no other cards in there was also looking at another 2x 4gb ram cards and water cooling kit but wasn't sure if they would make much more of a difference Thanks

  Bris 17:53 25 Nov 2015

Installing an extra 8GB of memory wont make much difference for game playing and I wouldnt consider water cooling unless you intend to overclock thats if the motherboard/CPU/GPU allow it.

Unfortunately as I use Intel kit I cant advise on the CPU or motherboard but as far as I know a 3.2Ghz Phenom should be up to the task, the main thing to consider is that the CPU must be compatible with the motherboard which you probably know anyway. Personally I would upgrade the graphics card and see how you get on then consider upgrading if you are still not happy.

Why not pop down to W H Smiths and buy a copy of Custom PC magazine, its for gamers, moders, and overclockers and contains a lot of info which you might find interesting.

  fullspeed452 18:08 25 Nov 2015

Hi thanks for you replies you've helped alot I've marked as answered as well thank you

  Bris 18:21 25 Nov 2015

My pleasure and good luck with it.

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