Pc spec upgrading boost.

  briartjo 16:59 04 Apr 2013

Can you advise me on the best way forward with regard to improving my desk top pc without breaking the bank,(to much). It is prmarily used for microsoft FSX flight simm. with a raft of add ons, mainly scenery. Whist i am aware that real enthusiasts would never advise running this on any thing less than a top end computer. I really don't feel the need for over the top expense right now. However i think one or two upgrades,weaks etc,might push things along a bit. Would for example adding SSD drive, or more memory, better graphics card etc? help. again keeping cost in mind. Here is my pc specification as it now stands. Motherboard; 1155 Asus PH61-M LE rev 3. Processor: i5 2500K Ram: 4Gb 1333 Hard drive: 500Gb SATA3 Graphics card: Nvidia GTX550Ti (1024MB PCI Express DVI DX11 Power Supply 500W .

  Chronos the 2nd 17:29 04 Apr 2013

Nothing to amiss with your current specs except for the graphics card which not a particularly good GPU. CPU you is still one of the best chips around, maybe some faster RAM would help.

What sort of budget have you?

As I have no knowledge of this game I Googled it and according to the necessary specs needed to run it they do not seem particularly high compared to a lot of modern games.

  briartjo 19:06 04 Apr 2013

Many thanks for your reply. you mention the fact that the gpu card is of low spec,this mirrors my own concern but i still wonder if i should be too concerned with out upgrading the memory and installing SSD before looking into the Graphic Card replacement. Which card and again how much to spend pose yet more questions.

  Ian in Northampton 20:52 04 Apr 2013

SSD won't do anything for you. It just enables the operating system and programs to load faster, but would do little - if anything - for game play. You might get some benefit from more memory. As to the graphics card: I'd suggest getting the best you can afford... :-) (But, as Chronos says, this doesn't look like the most graphics intensive game out there...)

  Chronos the 2nd 11:14 05 Apr 2013

Ian in Northampton

Bit of a disagreement here, an SSD would, if the game was installed on it, be very beneficial. The game will likely run smoother and load times would be minimal. I would love to put my Steam installation on a SSD but I would need a fair size SSD but I know people that will move games to an SSD when gaming then move them off when not. I cannot be bothered myself with this method. But the point of this is that the games runs far better on an SSD.

So to briartjo get a SSD minimum size 128GB and maybe some faster RAM, have a look here for compatibility, see how that goes before turning your attention to the GPU.

  briartjo 22:10 05 Apr 2013

Thanks again for that advice. I must confess now that i was allready thinking that an SSD was the way to go. It is interesting for me to note that you both think of flight simming as a game, similar to modern video games,where from a computing perspective every thing visually happens at a fast frame rate.( well it certainly seems that way when the ground comes up to meet you). but generally the computer is just trying its best to handle complex scenery files, then neatly rearrange them because you have decided to bank one way or the other.whilst at the same time reading another file,that is only associated with the progam as well as keeping track on what is going on in the aircraft.It requires a lot of computing power. I now know why computers aimed at flight simmers are expensive top end machines. I guess i'm trying to buck the trend and do it on the cheap.

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