PC spec for Skype & webcams

  andy625 11:23 18 Dec 2007

I have just set up Skype on my laptop, and bought a Logitech webcam to hopefully use with it. I tried setting everything up yesterday eve, I got the webcam loaded and displaying images, and I also managed to get skype to dial the test call. The sound quality on Skype was mostly ok, but ocasionally it became a bit disjointed, and a couple of times the connection dropped out.

I haven't tried using the webcam with/at the same time as skype yet but when looking at images on the laptop screen from the camera, they seemed to be very jerky and disjointed with a big time lag between me moving, and seeing it on the screen.

My question is whether my pc spec is up to the job? The laptop is a P3 1Ghz IBM Thinkpad 300Mb of RAM running XP, and my broadband is only 1.1gig.

From reading on here about Skype I think the pc should be ok for sound, but is the 1.1gig broadband fast enough?

Despite what Argos said on their advert I think the laptop may not be up to the min spec for the webcam, which seems to be saying it needs a P4 1.4Ghz. Should I try another one?

Would I be better upgrading the pc??

  birdface 11:47 18 Dec 2007

Someone else having problems.click here

  andy625 12:05 18 Dec 2007

I haven't tried using the webcam with Skype yet, I was referring to the general speed of the way it handled images localy on the pc.

We've been experimenting with voice only Skype calls and they seem to be better this morning.

I think the webcam is too high a spec for the pc though.

  andy625 12:06 18 Dec 2007

This is the webcam: click here

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