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Pc speakers question

  gazmix 15:59 16 May 2015

So i have this old pc & cheap low noise hipoint speakers. Once the volume is turned up to half, it gets no louder than that so i assume the pc can push out descent sound if there's descent speakers attached.

Is it possible to use hifi speakers if i converted the connection to USB & is this possible?


  bumpkin 17:04 17 May 2015

click here have always found "Creative" good, especially so if you go for something around £50 mark.


  bumpkin 17:08 17 May 2015


Why not ask in Speakers Corner?

Very few speakers to be found there:-)

  martd7 17:26 17 May 2015

Looking at wee eddies Amazon link,the Microlab ones are the set that i use,strong adjustable bass,good overall sound

  martd7 17:27 17 May 2015

Link here

click here

  wee eddie 17:31 17 May 2015

I have a Creative Setup. It can't be compared with my Mission 303's for quality but manages to pump out quite sufficient volume.

A hint from the Trade: If you have people in the room, raise your speakers above head height. Human bodies absorb much of your speaker's sound

  bumpkin 17:59 17 May 2015

It all depends on OP's requirements and budget really.

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