PC Speakers converting to digital sound Spdif etc

  pintofshite 13:09 18 Dec 2013

Hi all, pleased to meet you.

I have a pretty old logitech 5.1 surround system with a subwoofer, a centre and 4 satalite speakers. I am wishing to upgrade the sound but have no idea what my options are.

I hear that spdif is the digital route , but sadly I do not have a spdif port on my subwoofer or centre speaker, however I do have a spdif port on my motherboard (Asus Rampage Extreme III), is there a way I can get digital sound output using my current speakers, or do I need to get a new speaker system ?

Thanks for reading, and in advance

  Batch 13:44 18 Dec 2013

Google for: spdif to analogue converter

Whatever you go for you'll need to make sure you have the right connectors.

  Batch 13:47 18 Dec 2013

On 2nd thoughts, if you already have an analogue output from your mobo, a converter, in effect, only puts you back to where you were.

In any case, digital is not (necessarily) better. I'd say that if you want better sound you should either get a quality dedicated sound card (rather than using low grade on mobo sound) or just better speakers (or both)

  pintofshite 13:59 18 Dec 2013

Thanks for the fast reply. Do you have any recommendations please ? I currently have Logitec Z-640


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