PC Sometimes shuts down

  RobCharles1981 16:27 16 Sep 2005

As I had my PC back from evesham, I powerd up and all working fine, when I placed my tower back in the desk space it was getting a bit warm after a while it shut down, I checked that all the fans are working and they are fine what is the problem ?

  Kenneth-266656 17:10 16 Sep 2005

Sonds as though you might have a temperature problem - shouldn't feel warm through the case in a short time. Don't know if you have any on board indication - I have Intel Active Monitor on mine.
If you have similar see what the temps are.

  RobCharles1981 19:27 16 Sep 2005

I think it could be the temperature myself at the moment I took my PC out of the space I keep my system in, and the temperature is nice and cool, but in the area I store my PC there is no open holes and thats were I feel the PC is getting a bit hot, should I make a hole in the back of my desk and would that improve the system ?

  Kenneth-266656 20:33 16 Sep 2005

Yes by all means cut vent holes if you can. If your pc sits in a confined space the expelled warm air is merely sucked in again a 're-cycled' - not a very efficient process.

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