PC sometimes fails to boot

  bines 09:41 24 Feb 2003

I have a new Evesham Axis 2600+RL3:
2.4GHz Athlon, 512Mb RAM, 80Gb Western Digital hard drive, Windows XP Home edition.

About 40% of tries the PC fails to boot from cold. The power comes on. LED's indicate an attempt to boot from floppy and CD's, Monitor stays on standby, screen stays completely blank.

Always boots at second try if I switch off/on at mains, or press reset.

I get the impression it sometimes fails to access the hard drive. Any suggestions please.

  Sketch 09:53 24 Feb 2003

I had this EXACT problem.

It's annoying right?!

On return to the manufacturers it was diagnosed that I had a faulty motherboard. Since it was replaced. It's never been better.

You should do the same. Its all the cause of a 'duff' part.


  Sketch 09:54 24 Feb 2003

Didn't happen to be a Soltek motherboard did it?


  bines 17:02 24 Feb 2003

Thanks Sketch. The motherboard is a VIA KT4V series. It has already been replaced once when it failed to boot at all on first arrival. I think I am beginning to lose confidence in this computer. I suppose I will just have to endure the 20 minute wait on Evesham's 'helpline' listening to canned music and some female telling me how important my call is to them (not important enough to properly staff the 'phones it seems!). BT must make a fortune out of these calls.


  bines 09:48 12 Mar 2003

Thanks for the replies - it's still not fixed and Evesham are really dragging their heels with communicating with me.

I will tick this thread as resolved and await the manufacturer's response.


  bines 19:29 05 Apr 2003

After a very long time and a 'pointed' letter, Evesham finally got back to me.

They sent a floppy with an up-dated BIOS. Since installing this new BIOS I have had no further problems. It's been in about three days now so I don't expect any further problems now.

I hope this might help anyone else with a similar problem.


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