pc slowing down

  Dasmad 22:44 25 Jul 2008

my nearly 3 yrs old Amilo M series laptop has recently shown obvious signs of slowdown - in starting / switching applications, populating file lists etc. I suspect one of three applications may be the cause but would like feedback please from any other users with related experience : the latest Firefox 3, the latest free AVG software issue, or a "speculative" trial of Radiotracker. still lots of room on the hd, and no defrag necessary.

  woodchip 23:05 25 Jul 2008

How much Free Space on the Hard Drive?

  woodchip 23:08 25 Jul 2008

It could also be Spyware or malaware Virus's tend to gradually take more and more drive space up the longer they are on the computer

  MsTechie 00:04 26 Jul 2008

Firefox 3 slowed my computer right down, high CPU usage and high memory usage it made the HDD sound like it was on overdrive, all was resolved once I down graded back to Version 2

  birdface 01:33 26 Jul 2008

If avg 8. I would stop automatic scans.Link Scanner.and resident shield then see if it starts any quicker.

  birdface 01:38 26 Jul 2008

When starting go into Task Manager and see what is using up most of the CPU.If nothing running system idle process should be showing about 97% this is normal it just means all other processes are only using 3%.If anything else using a high % google it and if you are not sure post it on here and someone will tell you what it is.

  Dasmad 08:03 26 Jul 2008

ok....extra info.......hdd has 24gb out of 40 free, and this is not changing significantly except when I load something new; I dropped link scanner in AVG as soon as I saw it - but I'll try disabling the others. it seems every new issue of AVG reduces one's degree of control, and I wonder if there's a better free one. i must say I'm thinking about reverting to FF2 after MsTechie's comment - I've noticed it's still available, and wondered why; will try task manager review first - never bothered with it previously - and report back.

  C3 08:43 26 Jul 2008

Try the following :

1. Run Ccleaner.
2. Run Malwarebytes 1.23. Remove anything it finds.
3. Clean out the startup in Msconfig.
4. Uninstall any old programs that are no longer needed.
5. Remove Google Toolbar if it is installed. It seems to slow down browsing a hell of a lot.

If the machine still isn't any faster, then consider that the hard drive might be slowing down pointing towards a possible fail.

  woodchip 09:04 26 Jul 2008

I use Free Avast on all Four of my comps

  birdface 09:35 26 Jul 2008

I use AVG 8 and have all 3 items mentioned switched off.I find that my start up is a bit slower since downloading it but as it is a good program and my computer is getting a bit passed its sell by date I put up with it.There has been problems for some with Firefox3.I have no experience with Radiotracker so cannot comment if it is anything like Limewire I could see it giving problems.If you are thinking of changing your anti-virus there are some good reports with Avira so maybe worth a try if you decide to change,click here you have downloaded SP3 lately I would run your Defrag.I don't know if you have a registry cleaner on your computer,if not I can recommend Winaso Optimizer free.It only repairs 10 items at a time but you can run it as often as you like,it has a registry defrag on it and does an automatic back up.click here

  Dasmad 21:07 27 Jul 2008

buteman: Yes I do suspect AVG8 of part of my slowdown, but for the moment will tolerate (hate change really - must be my age ! ), but may go back to FF2 unless I can make some progress with C3's suggestions
I've always been warned agaoinst fiddling with registry - "leave it to the pros" , but perhaps I should try !

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