PC slow...I mean slow booting up.

  wightnight 11:57 06 May 2003

Soltek75kav m/b AMD 1.3T-bird running win98se 512 Ram.
When I boot up the PC it takes ages to fully load I have cleared all uneccessary items from the start up file via msconfig but to no avail.
I'm sure the solutopn is staring me in the face but I'm blind to it...anyone out there who can assist?


  Gongoozler 12:53 06 May 2003

wightnight, one possibility is the 512M RAM. Windows 98 has problems managing large amounts of RAM. I think it is happiest with less than 256M. If yours is in more than one stick, try removing some.

a little hint i picked up the other day said that it helps to move all your unused fonts to another folder. you dont say how long is a long time, it probably does relate to the memory count but remember patience is a virtue..

  Gongoozler 18:52 06 May 2003

Hi wightnight. I'm pleased to see that you have resolved your problem. What was the cure?

  wightnight 13:11 07 May 2003

Hi Gongoozler
Thanks for you help, in the end the problem revolved round the Firewall I had loaded. On its removal all the progs and the PC itself has seen a noticable increase in performance. I am now hunting round for a solid working preferably free Firewall Any ideas? Speak to the forum soon.

  Gongoozler 13:58 07 May 2003

Hi wightnight. I use ZoneAlarm with no problems. My OS is Windows 98se. I think all firewalls give problems on some computers, so it is a matter of trying one and seeing how you get on with it, The problem with that, though, is that uninstalling can also be difficult.

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