PC slower on RAM upgrade

  beaverman 14:29 19 Mar 2005

I have upgraded my pc to it's maximum recommended RAM (2 x 512mb SDRAM 168 pin 133Mhz) but it is now running slower than before. It runs fine on 512mb. Both modules are the same. Any advice on how to stop it running slower? (Originally advised to upgrade RAM to stop massive number of dropped frames when capturing DV video via Firewire.)

733 mhz IDTPentium II
128 kb primary memory cache
64 kb secondary memory cache
30.72 Gig Usable Hard Drive Capacity
24.65 Gig Hard Drive Free Space
c: 9.85 GB free
d: 14.79 GB free
Built-in graphics 64 bit accelerator

(If poss I don't want to have to get a new motherboard although if I do have to resort to this it would be useful to use the two RAM modules I have just invested in! So does anyone know where I can get a SDRAM compatible motherboard from which could cope with 2 x RAM?)

Thanks, any help appreciated!

  Diemmess 17:40 19 Mar 2005

crx1600' opinon is spot on..... In fact when I tried the same approach using 98SE it was baffled to the point of collapse and from my memory didn't really run properly at all.

  Buchan 35 21:17 19 Mar 2005

Try this: Switch off and disconnect everything from mains and earth yourself. Open your tower or PC case and remove the RAM. Put one stick in and boot up, check that on boot up it`s recognised. If so switch off and replace the second stick, boot up and see if that too is recognised. Hopefully it will be. I see no reason why this should work except that it worked for me some time ago on a RAM update. `Luck ; - )

  beaverman 18:38 20 Mar 2005

When I tried with both modules the pc does recognise the upgrades but still runs slower! Thanks anyway though.

  beaverman 18:40 20 Mar 2005

I'm running Windows ME.

  beaverman 19:17 20 Mar 2005

Thanks CRX1600. Although I don't get any error messages like those suggested in the article I have been wondering about whether the Vcache needs tweaking, but was uncertain by how much change I should take the plunge with! I'll have a read of the advice and give it a whirl. Ta.

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