PC slowed down after loading Windows update KB 904

  New silver surfer 16:11 02 Jul 2006

My PC suddenly has gone clunkingly slow. At around the same time I had done a Disk Check and a Disk Defragment (for the first time ever), and then I downloaded KB 904942. After that the computer is working really slowly and often seems to freeze for a minute or so. Has anyone else had this problem? I am an inexperienced user and don't know how to find out if KB 904942 is a vital update, otherwise I might try deleting it to see if things run any better. Up until now the computer has been ticking over fairly steadily. The "going slow" happened suddenly, it is not something that has crept up slowly. Any suggestions welcomed please, but please in non-technical, words of one syllable language please!

  Marsh Warden © ™ 16:18 02 Jul 2006

click here is what it is. Try removing it if you can to see if things improve, you can always re-install it again.

  spuds 16:30 02 Jul 2006

I don't think that it is the KB904942. You say that you have done a Disk Check and a Disk Defragment, which I assume was via the XP instructions. If so, I cannot see that effecting much.

You could try the following.

1) Do a CHKDSK Check > Click on MY COMPUTER- Right Click on "C" drive - Select Properties - Click "Tools" tab - Select "Error Checking" and tick box - Shutdown then Restart computer, and let it check for errors on your drive.

2) Download and install RegscrubXP, CCleaner. When installed, run them and see what they find.
CCleaner click here (I need to look-up RegScrub link)

3) Have you any anti-spy, firewall, anti-virus programs installed, if, what are they?.

  spuds 16:34 02 Jul 2006

RegScrubXP click here

  New silver surfer 16:43 02 Jul 2006

Hi Spuds,

Thanks for response. I will do a disc check. I have Norton Anti-Virus 2006 installed and keep it up dated. That has its own firewall I believe. I don't have any anti-spy installed though.

Hi, too to Marsh Warden,

Thanks for suggestion. Will uninstall it. Went to the Click here, but couldn't understand it, so will uninstall it anyway and see what happens. Thanks.

  mikef. 18:08 02 Jul 2006

Norton Anti-virus does not have it's own firewall, that is completely separate, and you really do need anti spyware this could be causing the problem, windows defender, Adaware highly recommended

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