pc slow starting - windows xp

  ski2002 10:49 01 Jul 2003

Within the last month my pc has become sluggish after booting up the desktop is really slow. For example, when clicking on any program from the start menu once windows desktop has appeared it takes ages for program to start. Approx 3 minutes. If anyone can help me I would really appreciate it.

My pc is a AMD Athlon 1.3Ghz, memory 640Mb DDR, 2 hard drives - 30Gb and 60 Gb.
Operating system XP, also have Norton systemworks 2003.

first things first , do all your housekeeping chores, run speed disk and cleansweep. if you have JV16 powertools (or something similar) clean your registry. limit the number of background processes you have running . if none of that helps then it could be a good time to reinstal windows.

  ski2002 11:10 01 Jul 2003

Sorry I forgot to say I am not that experienced with pc's
How do I clear the background processes ?

  Willow12 12:25 01 Jul 2003

As you have Norton Systemworks 2003 it is probably worth running Norton Clean Sweep if you haven't already. This can free up a lot of space and speed everything up again.

Hope it helps.


  Willow12 12:34 01 Jul 2003

Should have said as well to clean up the background processes click on Start, Run, type msconfig and then select the start up option. There will be any number of applications all with ticks beside them which indicates that they launch at start up. Just untick programs which you recognise that you know don't need to be starting straight away or even at all!

Anything you are unsure about you can check from here click here



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