pc slow to post (since i messed)

  [email protected] 00:00 24 Jul 2008

hi just fitted a new cpu cooler to pc, it was a motherboard out job, i pretty much dismantled everything, anyway it's all fine now except when i power it up it's slow to get to the post screen.
all fans come on full, no display, after about 40 seconds the fans slowdown bios screen comes up and everything's fine, reset cmos disabled memory check in bios, quick boot enabled, tried optimised defaults and failsafe defaults. disconnected everything and reconnected everything its 4 months old with a 1500wat psu. and after it starts i have no problems.
not a major problem just a niggle, any common reasons what makes a pc slow to post?

  wossie 00:42 24 Jul 2008

Do you have any USB devices installed, it might be trying to boot from them, set it to boot first from cd,second ide0 disable boot from other devices in the BIOS. This should have been un-changed if all you did was fit a new cooler, why did you fit it too noisey? did you apply paste to the cooler, did you re-seat the memory and all cards. Why do you have a 1500w psu.

  [email protected] 01:14 24 Jul 2008

hi, you got it! i have no idea when but first boot device was removable? i have an externeal hard drive so it was either looking at that or the printer!i took the cpu out to clean the old paste from it and reset cmos so it must have been then. my 2 and a half year old akasa's bearing was failing, i over tightened the new screws and stripped the mount when i built the pc, so put the new flower in. yes artic 5 and 3 8800ultras.
thanks for your help.

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