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PC Slow Loading In Morning

  thumbscrew 12:45 10 Aug 2014

I have an HP Compaq PC, use Windows 7 and have Avast Free. Usually works well apart from the fact that it's very slow to boot up first thing in the morning. As soon as it's been on for a while it responds normally and if I leave it for a few hours, say between 10am and teatime then its up to speed, it's just the overnight sleep that seems to slow it down. Can anyone explain please?

  thumbscrew 18:59 10 Aug 2014

Thanks Jock, I'll get on to that right away. I bought it second hand and there was something else on there yes.

  thumbscrew 19:05 10 Aug 2014

PS, can't see System Idle Process?

  spuds 15:01 11 Aug 2014

Do you have any programmes like CCleaner installed on the computer?.

If so, try using them to see if they help in clearing or finding any problems.

The other thing to perhaps consider, is if you have any automatic updating going on in the back-ground, after you suggesting that things pick-up after 10AM and teatime?.

  thumbscrew 21:29 12 Aug 2014

Thanks Jock and spuds, apologies for delayed response, we don't seem to receive email info that there's a new reply any more, thus I didn't see your helpful posts until today. All suggestions taken on board and acted upon...cheers amigos.

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