PC Slow Down, wheres the speed gone?

  [DELETED] 18:56 10 Sep 2003

My pc used to be very fast, its an AMD XP 2400, 512 DDR Pc2100, 40Gb Max 7200, GF4 Ti4600, Chaintech 7KJD Mobo.

It was always fast enough for what i required. However, two days ago i had problems booting up and it appeared the memory had to be re-inserted to get the pc to windows.

Now upon using the pc its become slower. Windows XP Pro is slower and doesn't have the instant reaction to commands that it once had. Also on boot up the pc takes twice as long to get to Windows now...I timed it, what used to take 30 seconds now takes a minute.

The boot screen has changed and the area its taking a long time is the DMI check or something similar to that. This is the black screen that follows up from the initial screen.

This never used to come up like this. Would flashing my BIOS again maybe improve the boot speed to windows?

Having checked everything while in Windows i assure you its reading my processor and memory to the correct levels.


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