PC slow at changing web pages and opening images

  dranrebtims 20:54 01 Aug 2007

I am experiencing a slowing down of my system when online.
DEll 2400 dimension
XP service pack 2
Celeron 2.40 GHz
1.00Gb Ram
local disc (c) 34.4 Gb 16GB used 18Gb free

I have ran cc cleaner , registry mechanic , disk keeper , spyware doctor.

When I first access web the CPU usage soars to 100% due to CCAPP.EXE ... LuBackProxy etc ( Norton system ) after a few minutes when they have done their stuff the CPU usage falls back to aroud 15 to 25% even when opening new pages on internet but they are taking too long to open up considering that the CPU is not crammed.

Any suggestions. I am considering removing programs such as The Sims ( daughters not mine ) to see if that would help as they collectively use 5500Mb. Do you think that this would help or do they ony use the system when they are running ?

  bluto1 23:31 01 Aug 2007


  rdave13 23:33 01 Aug 2007

Have you checked your broadband speed? I use this one, click here .
I'd also recommend the free versions of AVG antispyware and superantispyware and also asquared. Just google for the apps incase you have some hidden malware.

  dranrebtims 00:57 02 Aug 2007

speed down is 124.93kbps ( 0.1 Mbps )
speed up is 372.93 kbps ( 0.4 Mbps )

is this good or bad ??

  Batch 09:09 02 Aug 2007

Those speeds are abysmal.

On my 1mbps line I get around 985kbps download and 245kbps upload.

  dranrebtims 09:27 02 Aug 2007

any suggestions as to how these speed can be improved

  dranrebtims 13:17 02 Aug 2007

I defrag by using the diskeeper program which runs in the background.

My ISP is Tiscali Broadband (ASDL) and it is sold as up to 8Mb.

Somehow I dont think that they are delivering what's advertised.

  dranrebtims 20:18 02 Aug 2007

I have run the Tiscali speed test and it read " your current band width is 128.00 Mbps which means you can download at 16 MB/sec from our servers"

Is this not a good bandwidth. As you can see I am not all that ckued up technically .


  TeamChris1981 20:59 02 Aug 2007

My friend use to be on Tiscali and after a while found a deteration in the service they provided and wasn`t at all happy with them. In the end he got rid and has always advised me to stay away from tiscali. Hes with Virgin media as I am too and so far have been very happy with the connection and the customer service they provided for me.

  rdave13 00:34 03 Aug 2007

I would phone your ISP and explain that your BB speed is somewhat lacking to that advertised by them. Make sure you're in front of the PC, when you phone, so that they can instruct you of any tests they need to do to believe you. Your speeds are abysmal as Batch says. Good luck.

  Giggle n' Bits 01:03 03 Aug 2007

to the phone line in your house. Are u using a loose telephone extentsion ? or has anyone wired a ext into the house for another socket maybe

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