PC is slow!!

  cherie 09:36 18 Feb 2004

Help!! I'm trying to sort out my husband's PC. He only uses it for very basic business e.g. printing order forms,keeping stocksales records etc It isn't connectd to he Internet. Last week he found that it would only do one print job OK & then when he tried to do the next print run it started going so slowly that the only solution was to turn it off and start again. He brought it home last night & I spent hours doing all the obvious things like uninstall/reinstall drivers etc. I now see that it has nothing to do with the printer because it goes slow after a short time even when all I'm asking is to bring up the Start Menu!! The hard disk drive indicator at these times is constantly on & flickering even though the computer has no obvious activity going on. Any ideas?

  porci 09:44 18 Feb 2004

Hi Cherie. Have you had a look at the task manager to see what state its in?What operating system are you using?

  cherie 09:48 18 Feb 2004

Thanks, porci!
There's nothing obvious in the task manager.
It's running Windows ME

  [email protected] 09:49 18 Feb 2004

sounds more like hard drive is full what size is your hard drive?

  cherie 09:52 18 Feb 2004

Thanks,kellysbouncas, but the hard drive is hardly used. He has hardly any software on this machine. It's totally junk free!! I did a scan disk/defrag etc. yesterday & it only took a short time. There's definitely no shortage of space.

  oldal 09:53 18 Feb 2004

Try a defrag on the hard-drive and deleting all tmp files.

  oldal 09:54 18 Feb 2004

Whoops !!! Beat me to it .

  porci 09:55 18 Feb 2004

Cherie have you looked at task manager to see what processors are sucking your resources?Have you installed any anti virus or firewall software lately

  cherie 09:56 18 Feb 2004

Thanks, oldal.
See above!!
I have to add that he has not added or removed anything at any time (He's a reluctant PC user & only does the basics!!)

  [email protected] 10:01 18 Feb 2004

run an anti virus scan even tho you are not on the net it is possible to pick up a virus from some cds
I found with ME a long time ago it does run slow unless you update all drivers & software especially printer software. My cure was to upgrade to XP. ME system restore sometimes help if you have kept creating new dates for sys restore when last known best work was applicable

  cherie 10:30 18 Feb 2004

Thanks, kellysbouncas.
I'm getting to the stage of handing this over to a technician as I'm spending too much of my valuable time on it!!

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