PC Shutting Down Constantly

  Iced_Nardo 03:06 06 Jan 2009

Hi, there, thanks for the amazing website. I have quite of a big problem here. First of all my computer keeps shutting down constantly, after that the only way to restart is replacing the fuses on the extension lead. Surprisingly the fuses are not dead only temporary disabled (I tried them after a few hours and they work fine). I had during that time a 400 watts PSU that was replaced by a 850 watts but, even thou the problem continued. I decided than to upgrade my PC, then I replaced the CPU, Motherboard, GPU, Memory and I also bought an Asus Knight Cooling System for my CPU (that made the CPU’s temperature to plunge down), I placed a new desktop fan right in the middle of the desktop to blow out the hot air. So far, so good, but the problem is still bugging me. Now with my AMD Quad-core Spider, 8 gigs of memory, MSI motherboard and new GPU – ATI HD 4850 every time I sit to have a decent game/movie or anything else to do my pc keeps powering off and disabling those bloody fuses. I’m getting really stressed about it and running out of ideas. If you guys do not help me out I’m about to sell my pc on eBay (on parts) and stay using only my laptop and PS3. Please guys bring me some light. Thanks.

  Diodorus Siculus 05:38 06 Jan 2009

Time to try a different extension lead perhaps?

  €dstowe 06:41 06 Jan 2009

Power-offs like you describe are typical of overheating of the CPU.

I have not heard of fuses being temporarily disabled. Is it that in the time it takes you to replace the fuse, the machine has cooled sufficiently for it to restart?

Are you certain that everything is heatsinked (and thermal pasted) correctly and the fans are working in the correct way?

  hgrock 06:53 06 Jan 2009

i had this happening to me just two days ago and i found the fan jammed up with dust etc acusing the pc to overheat. take the fan from the CPU and clean or replace dont forget thermal grease, alos clean the big PSU fan

  Iced_Nardo 11:19 11 Jan 2009

Well, I tried before changing leads but without any success. What I might do now is following hgrock's advise of cleaning up the fans and using some more thermal grease. Thanks.

  MarvintheAndroid 11:28 11 Jan 2009

Sounds to me like there may be some kind of thermal limiter in your extension lead. It may be cutting out and only resetting after a period when the power is diconnected. Try a different extension lead.

If the fans and power supply are quite new, there should be no problem with clogged fans, so just make sure they are all running OK.

You said your CPU temperature was much lower after the new CPU cooler, this would imply that you are not overheating. What load temps are you getting and how are you monitoring them ?

I would start by moving the PC to a different room and plug directly into a different power outlet. Use extension leads for the other kit if you like, but plug the PC directly into the mains for the purposes of this test. Give it a few hours and see if the problem recurs.


  Iced_Nardo 14:52 02 Aug 2009

Hi after months I still have the same problem. What pisses me off is I bought a Zalman multi-fan monitor and show my CPU temperature not more than 39C, my memories (I have installed a OCZ Memory Cooler) and the temperature is not higher than 35C, also installed a HD Zalman Doubled Fan Cooler and the temperature is below 38C. The only thing I noticed is my ATI HD 3850 is getting around 79C but after checking on the net ATI engineers say that could reach up to 105C without damaging the video card. I have also checked all coolers and I am sure they are working because they are all connected to the Zalman system. I have put extra artic freeze compound on my CPU and it is also being monitored. My PSU is a gaming one 850W and the monitoring system show not even half of the power has being used. I am getting just crazy because even the power lid has being replaced. I started wondering if could be some sort of virus the got inside my bios or on the HD. But the funny thing is after scanned the whole PC nothing shows up. When I get this power cut is out of the blue, there is no sign until it happens. I can be playing games or using Windows and suddenly cuts off. Looks like a car engine with failure on a spark plug that make the whole thing goes off. After this power surge only starts again if I replace the Power Lid or the Fuse inside. But the funny bit is the fuse after some minutes can be re-used because it is not dead. Please, I just need a light at the end of the tunnel or I am going to rip it apart and sell it on E-bay. Thanks guys.

  OTT_Buzzard 15:07 02 Aug 2009

Is there anything in Windows event viewer coiinciding with the shutdown's?

Have you tested your RAM?

  Arnie 16:07 02 Aug 2009

Although very unlikely a faulty RESET BUTTON could cause this kind of problem.
This can be checked by disconnecting the two wires to it. It’s worth a try.
Check the lead with the computer running, by tapping the euro socket at the computer’s PSU input.

Forget about the fuse, this is a red herring. A fuse is either open circuit or working, certainly under load.
I say under load because I once checked a neighbour’s electric shower unit which wouldn’t operate.
The neon light in the 20A supply switch was glowing, giving the impression that the supply fuse was okay.
When the shower unit was switched on, the neon extinguished. It was being lit off load by the carbon and copper splat within the body of the blown supply fuse. The fuse had just become tired and blown.

Regarding “Please, I just need a light at the end of the tunnel or I am going to rip it apart and sell it on E-bay.”

If the intermittent problem is not resolved, it may lie within the CPU or the motherboard; this is a bit unfair to some unsuspecting purchaser.


  Alan-Petrie 16:54 02 Aug 2009

what parts have you tested ?

have you swapped ram modules and tried different configs ?

have you got onboard graphics? If so remove that ati card and try it.

have you tried dissconecting all that can be? aka disk drives hard drives other than the os one and extra fans.

have you tried safe mode ?

have you trieded dissableing extra cpu cores ?

you could even try things like if you vga card needs 6 or 8 pin power adapter, if u have to of the pin it needs swap them the same with sata and molex plugs, sorry if that doesnt make sense I cant think of a better way to word it.

can u get access to another or old desktop pc to to move your 850watt power supply into to see if that pc is stable ?

when your computer shuts down is there any length of time or particular game anything that seems to cause the pc to shut off ?

  Alan-Petrie 16:58 02 Aug 2009

in my house the fuse box has 2 ring circuits, 1 upstairs the other downstairs, if yours is similar you could try unplugging everything up stairs for example and put the pc straight into the wall and try upstrais and down and try with a diffrent plug, the one for your ps3 should be similar.

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