pc shutsdown no warning

  micey 16:58 08 Nov 2004

for some reason my pc shuts down after being on for about 20 mins then i restart it,it then shuts down whithin 5 mins,i repeat the process another 2 times then it seems ok, it has happened twice so far, both only seems to be on a monday! its windows xp it has norton security on with system ok ,nothing found after scan, would like to know why? thanks for any help.

  rawprawn 17:23 08 Nov 2004

I'm no expert on this, but it sounds a bit like overheating. Apart from cleaning it out inside, maybe someone with more knowledge can help.

  micey 17:48 08 Nov 2004

cheers for reply,but i dont think it is overheating ,its been on for a couple of hours now,and kids usually welded to it and have no probs,its typical realy as kids not here on mondays!

  Dorsai 18:22 08 Nov 2004

Does it only do it when the kids playing games? If so, that sounds like overheating.

A game is demanding on the cpu, and so it gets hotter. If all you are doing is brousing, this puts less strain on the system, so it does not get so hot.

Also the fact that it shuts down much faster once re-booted. It is already very hot, so gets too hot much sooner.

I would take the cover off the PC and have a look at the cpu fan/heatsinkm and case fans (if fitted) just to satisfy yourself that the fan(s) spinning freely, and that the fan/heatsink are not all fluffed up.

Fans suck lots of air through them, and dust in the air sticks to the fan/cpu. Most house dust is shed human skin, and skin is slightly oily, and oil is slightly sticky. Plus if you have pets, loads of shed pet hair. i could go on, but i am sure you see where i am coming from.

  PA28 19:10 08 Nov 2004

It sounds like overheating to me too - which probably means it's something completely different! Follow the above advice, but also check your BIOS as this may have auto cutoffs if the processor temperature exceeds a specified rating. On my Athlon 3200XP this was set at 60 degrees - the processor runs a (little) bit warmer than this generally (any comments anyone?)so I find so setting the cutoff up to 70 makes life a little simpler.

  Dorsai 19:37 08 Nov 2004

When i first built my PC 3-4 months ago it used to run around/just under 40c, Now it runs around/just over 50c. The fan/heat sink is visibly fluffed up. I will have to clean it soon, to avoid overheating in the near future.

But as PA28 said, this might not be the prob. But it needs to be checked out, to eliminate it at a possible cause.

  micey 17:10 09 Nov 2004

cheers for the replys ,it actually shuts down when you first turn it on for the day ,and happened again today with the wife ,she has also lost all her icons,do you think it might be adware fault?corrupt file?have got adware software from lavasoft that i have also scanned with and deleated whatever came up, the kids do play games but it does not shut down on them,it shuts down on or off web first time on for the day.

  PA28 13:53 10 Nov 2004

On the assumption that your AC power lead is OK it is starting to sound more like a faulty switch or Power Supply unit now. If you turn on from the front panel switch it might be worth checking that the front panel power switch leads are firmly attached to the correct pins on the motherboard. Others may disagree but I feel that if you are getting no error messages - just a straight forward complete switch off - this is a power related hardware issue rather than errant software.

  micey 16:23 11 Nov 2004

cheers for that pa28, pc still under warranty so ill get on to them,let you know how i get on with it.

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