Pc shuts down when moved

  PaFlux 12:25 10 Dec 2014

Hey guys! So i bought a new charger the other day, by the same brand my pc is made, etc... As my last one was no longer working.

after i started using it, although it says my battery is fully charged, everytime i move my pc and it disconnects if even for a second from the charger, it shuts down.

Now i have run some tests and i do not think my battery is the problem.

Anyone has any idea what might be going on? I work with 3d and this si my only computer :/

I cant begin to express how frustrating this shutting down on me out of the blue thing has been :(

I thank you guys a lot on advance already!

Idk if its any help, but i have copied my battery status report bellow.

Thank you all so much.

Here is the Power Efficiency Diagnostics Report: click here

  [DELETED] 13:29 10 Dec 2014

Report doesn't help, unless I missed something.

Are you closing the lid/screen before disconnecting? What happens if you disconnect without moving the laptop or closing the lid?

Click Start/Search Power Options

Check options on main screen (left column).

Change Plan/Advanced/Change currently Unavailable settings (if displayed)

Check every item to see if anything could cause shutdown.

  spuds 13:31 10 Dec 2014

It sounds as though something might be loose or badly connected. Might be a case of looking on YouTube for further advice on your particular laptop brand/model.

  [DELETED] 13:31 10 Dec 2014
  PaFlux 14:32 10 Dec 2014

Ok i checked that, and it seems like its all fine, here: click here i just remove the power cord without moving it still shuts down, thats why i dont think its something badly connected...


  spuds 14:44 10 Dec 2014

"thats why i dont think its something badly connected..."

If you are moving the laptop about, then possibly something internal, hence my suggestion re YouTube.

It could also be a simple heat or psu problem, so perhaps a temperature check might reveal something?.

  PaFlux 14:47 10 Dec 2014

See, the issue is, if i do move it about, but manage to hold onto the power cord in a way it doesnt stop feeding the computer, it does not shut down. if i remove the power cord, with the computer not being moved at all, it still shuts down.

And its def not due to overheating, because it has happened, when the pc was barely opening up, cause i moved it for some reason :/

  Gordon Freeman 15:43 10 Dec 2014

Wife had a similar problem to this with her old Vaio: remove the lead, it died. Leave lead connected; showed charging, or fully charged at 100%, remove lead, it died again. Swapped chargers, no difference. Her machine was running hot most of the time. Change battery, all sorted. HTH.

  rdave13 16:37 10 Dec 2014

I'll second a dead battery.

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