Pc shuts down some minutes after turning on

  Sipesz 14:33 07 Jan 2018

Hello! I've had an aTi Radeon vga in my pc for a long time (more than a year) and it worked like a charm. I got an nvidia card from my uncle last summer. Both cards had the same vram, but I've changed it due to the fact that it was way newer. Everything was okay, but yesterday I wanted to play a game that doesn't support nvidia cards, so I changed back to the older radeon card, but after putting the pc back together, it turns off after some minutes ( max. 4-5) without any error messages. I was like okay, guess i won't play the game, so i put back the newer nvidia card, but to my surprise, the pc still shuts down. I checked the cables, they seemed to be okay. Blew out all the dust. I don't really know what could be the problem, but i suppose it was me, goofing up. I was grounded during the process, even took off my shirt.

  Sipesz 14:55 07 Jan 2018

I've just looked at it now, and the pc case's side fan doesnt start up. Like it gets some power, starts spinning and immediately stops. Could this be the source of my problem?

  Sipesz 15:34 07 Jan 2018

I've unplugged the side case fan, since it seems to be faulty and the pc might take it as a reason to shut down (?) . Since then, it seems to be working well.

  KEITH 1955 16:07 07 Jan 2018

I may be wrong but I think the side fan is the problem , my custom built pc has a side fan and when I took out the packing that stops components moving I did not notice the side fan was not plugged in as the cable would have snagged on the packing. The pc stopped at a customised loading screen telling me to shut it down as it detected something wrong , maybe it somehow knew a fan should be detected in the same way a pc searches for a printer and says not found if you forgot to turn it on.... After a recent dust blow out I did not notice I had caught the plug and it moved slightly out of line, that was enough to cause the shut down problems you have now..... hope this was useful for you.

  Sipesz 21:08 07 Jan 2018

Hello! The side fan is faulty, there's no doubt about it, but after some inspection of the BIOS, I've seen that the cpu temperature was about ~95 celsius. I've had to realise that i've installed the cpu cooling board in a wrong way, so the pc just overheated and shut down because of that. So i've reinstalled it carefully, and it solved the problem. I still have to change the fan though. :( Anyway, thanks for your answer and time, you are too kind!

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