Gharte' 13:01 17 Sep 2003

Hi Folks,
My PC has started shutting down by itself. It's very frustrating becos in the middle of an important task it just shuts down! I don't know if it's windows that shuts down or the PC itself. 'Been doing that over the past few days only. How do I put a stop this craze, Folks. Thanx.

  sil_ver 13:16 17 Sep 2003

Could be a virus/worm as I believe some can shut your PC down or it could be a overheating problem. Try running with the side panel off (if it's a tower. Give more details of your PC and what O/S you are running.

  [DELETED] 13:31 17 Sep 2003

1) What version windows?

2) Any messages before it shuts down??

  Gharte' 09:50 18 Sep 2003

The PC processor is an AMD and the OS is Windows XP.

  [DELETED] 10:23 18 Sep 2003

Do you get a box stating that the pc is going to shutdown in 60seconds? If so I believe this is the latest MSBlast.exe virus If you search the web there are tools to remove it and then download a windows xp patch to stop it reoccuring

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