pc shuts down completely then turns on instead of

  frostbite4 17:04 03 May 2017

pc shuts down completely then turns on instead of normal restart. iam going to break my pc with hammer if i cant fix it. please help me

  Belatucadrus 17:13 03 May 2017

You need to give more information of what Operating system you've got and what led up to this problem.

In the mean time start off by Error Checking the C drive.

  frostbite4 21:13 03 May 2017

i tried windows 8.1 and windows 10 and it happens in both of them. the first time it started with windows 10 but after that i have it in 8.1 too

  MJS WARLORD 00:05 04 May 2017

check the firmware and other settings on your router , i know somebody who had this problem and it turned out that when the router got an update it would trigger the pc to turn itself on even though it was actually off. i was a long time ago so i cant remember what the exact solution was but maybe your isp could help you.

  Govan1x 00:18 04 May 2017

If an oldish computer maybe inside needs a clean out especially round the fans and the heatsink.

  frostbite4 08:28 04 May 2017

it is not a simple problem. sleep works normal, shutdown works normal then why restart should have this problem????

  Archonar 08:59 04 May 2017

What exactly is the problem? I may be misunderstanding but you seem to be saying that restart has a problem because

pc shuts down completely then turns on

If so then that is exactly what the restart function is meant to do is it not?

  frostbite4 18:05 04 May 2017

in this restart it goes completely shutdown like when there is no power which this is not a normal restart iknow what a normal restart is because it wasnt like this before

  Archonar 20:59 04 May 2017

Apologies if I'm getting this completely wrong but the restart function is meant to completely shutdown the pc, so having the pc completely off (as if there is no power) is a normal restart, it then boots the pc as if you pushed the power button.

A microsoft blog post says:

choosing Restart from the UI will do a full shutdown, followed by a cold boot

A cold boot is a boot from the computer completely off, i.e the pc fully shut down, no power being drawn.

If your pc wasn't doing this before then I would say that it was broken and is now fixed.

If I am misunderstanding then please try and explain in detail what the issue is, do you have to turn it back on again because it's not doing it itself? Is it not turning on unless you reset the power switch on the psu?

1]: [click here

  wee eddie 21:26 04 May 2017

I think that part of the problem is that the OP has been playing fast and loose with the language.

He may not be saying what he means. Until he does we're really is fumbling around in the dark

  frostbite4 21:50 04 May 2017

the restart happens exactly like what you described which you say it is normal.i am working with several other builds which they are not like this at all are they broken too? also it doesnt happens to all restarts it happen sometimes, about 4 of 10 restarts.now some details about this restart: shutdown of this resttart is not like a normal shutdown in normal shutdown when you press shutdown in ui a screen will appear with shutdown written in middle then after some time pc shutsdown but in this shutdown when i press restart it shutsdown like when power of home is lost is this normal?also after this kind of shutdown when when i go in eventviewer each times it shows critical error kernel power event id 41 error

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