pc shuts down after 30 sec of loading...

  athenrye 14:58 11 Feb 2009

my sons xp pc shuts down after 30 sec of loading

i press the main button as normal and the xp starts to load, but asfter 30 secs or so it just shuts right down

dosnt get anywhere near the xp welcome screen

ive tried it several times and its just about the same every time, on one occasion it asked if i wqanted to start normal or in safe mode

i tried safe mode nuit it went for a few seconds doing that and then shut right down

any ideas, i was thinking maybe power supply issues or something?


  Technotiger 14:59 11 Feb 2009

My first thought was also PSU about to die.

  Technotiger 15:00 11 Feb 2009

But also check all the connections and cables.

  athenrye 15:30 11 Feb 2009

i took the pc cover off and the fan that is on my mother board was hanging off

it seems part of the plastic housing was broken (dont know how) and one of my metal clips was lying on my graphics card

im not sure i can attach the metal ones as tight as they were as the platic housing thingy that the fan sits into thats where the plastic is broken

any ideas?


  Technotiger 15:37 11 Feb 2009

Hmm, the metal clip lying on the graphics card, does not sound too cool! Might have shorted somewhere. I assume you mean the fan on the CPU Cooler, these are sometimes replaceable, but maybe not if part of it is broken. Looks like a trip to your local friendly PC repair shop.

  athenrye 15:47 11 Feb 2009

yes its the fan on the cpu cooler

the plastic housing that is attached to the motherboard is broken the fan is loosem not shaking wildly but not 100% secure

the metal clip was on the dual graphics card

i didnt metion earlier but there was lines up and down on the screen when it was loading at the start

this might have been that


  Technotiger 15:53 11 Feb 2009

Almost certainly was.

The loose fan will probably cause more damage, if continued to be used in that state.

  athenrye 16:28 11 Feb 2009

hi techno tiger

thanks for all the help
i coudnt put the metal clip back on as the corner hole of the housing was broken

so i attached a big plastic cable tie and secured it to the cpu, i watched it didnt do it too tight

ive assembled it all and its now working as well as it did before, the fans whirling about and the graphics card seems fine

looks like i escaped pretty lightly

dont know how long the plastic cable tie will last, i imagine it wont melt as i dont think that much heat but ill need to wait and see

thanks for all the help mate

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