PC Shuts Down

  redjules51 09:25 11 Aug 2008

I have a six year old PC originally purchased from Evesham. Problem is it runs for a few hours and then there is a "click" and it reboots itself and sometimes starts up and sometimes although it appears to start up the monitor is blank and the only way to switch it off is from the actual power switch. Unable to enter into BIOS or diplay safe mode options. An IT friend has checked it out and suggested the graphics card was US and the HDD a bit noisy along with the cooling fan on top of the Athlon Processor. The power supply was replaced about 2 years ago. The graphics card was replaced three days ago and it worked fine until yesterday when it started messing around as described.Any thoughts from anyone appreciated.

  kalignorgna 09:35 11 Aug 2008

what power supply do u have, min reqirement is 250w but new hardware needs a bit more power, also has ur grapics card got a fan or heatsink for cooling?

  redjules51 09:43 11 Aug 2008

Power supply is 250 w and new graphics card is nvidia 6200 with heatsink but this was exactly what was happening with the old fan type graphics card. I actually think this might have been a secondary issue but the original problem still remains. Forgot to mention that if you leave the machine for an hour or two - presumably to cool down it will start up normally

  kalignorgna 10:17 11 Aug 2008

it might well just be the heat of the system all systems as standered have a set limit of heat (usally aroud the 70c mark) where they shut down to prevent damage which was probs the cliking sound u heard, no reason it sould get that hot unless somthing ant working props though. 250w is fine for a 6200 so thats not a prob unless the rest of ur sys is a powerhouse ofcorse (which i'm gessin it ant with that card)

can u fiddle with the speed of ur case and cpu fan? if so trun them up max also if the case is dirtiy clean it (slim change to improve heat level).

  redjules51 10:30 11 Aug 2008

Don't think I can alter the speed of my case or cpu fan but I have thoroughly cleaned out the case plus all fans and have even tried running it with the side-panel out and an ordinary household fan blowing gently .It seems fairly obvious that it is some kind of overheating problem. Do u think it could be an idea to try replacing the processor fan - after all it has been running for many years and must deteriorate over time.

  Ditch999 13:05 11 Aug 2008

Download HWMonitor click here and run it to see what your temps and voltages are running at.
For CPU it should not really be over 60C and HDD not over 50C. Graphics vary greatly but anything up to about 80C should be OK (mine runs at 48C under load)

  kalignorgna 13:25 11 Aug 2008

worth a go and you can easly get a better cpu fan and heatsink from the likes of scan click here or aria click here

have u considered that ur board might be on its way out cause other then heat its the board or cpu so might be worth us hiren's boot disk or ultimate boot disk just to check status

  woodchip 13:37 11 Aug 2008

I would think this is a Hard Drive Problem. Run Scandisk if 98 or ME, Check Disc if XP on the C:\ partition

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