PC shuts off!!

  meniscus 15:26 21 Feb 2006

When i start up my desktop, it runs normally for about 10-15mins, then shuts off! When I immediately restart it after shutting off it just wont turn on! but then when i leave it for 5 mins it boots up sucessfully again but then shuts down again after 10 more mins of activity! All PM settings are disabled! Whats going on?

  rmcqua 15:59 21 Feb 2006

Sounds like an overheating problem to me. Can you monitor CPU temperature?

  meniscus 16:27 21 Feb 2006

yes using hardware monitor its telling me the cpu temperture is at 55 and 59 degrees. And the "core voltage is shown in red at 1.28v. Can the problem b fixed?

  rmcqua 18:03 21 Feb 2006

Well, I would certainly start by removing the CPU, cleaning off any old heatsink compound, reinstalling it with new heatsink compound, at the same time ensuring that the heat sink fins are not clogged up with dust etc. See what that does for the temp. Leave the core voltage alone for the moment. 59 degrees may be hot enough to make the CPU start acting weird. Give this a try and see what happens.

  rmcqua 19:22 21 Feb 2006

Sorry meniscus, I should have asked whether you are happy fiddling around with the insides of your pc? I kind of assumed you were, not sure why!

  RobCharles1981 22:16 21 Feb 2006

It doesnt sound like a CPU problem too me, it sounds more like faulty Memory or PSU I had this problem myself

  007al 02:05 22 Feb 2006

Overheating or psu,i think.Memory will boot up again,and go off when it hits the "bad spot"

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