pc shutdown

  pat2068 21:10 08 Aug 2003

I was going through the threads and all of a sudden the monitor whent blank switched itself off and the greeen and orange buttons came on in my tower could anyone please tell me what could cause this thanks mary

  hugh-265156 21:19 08 Aug 2003

did the system restart or did the monitor just go off?

check the cable from the pc to monitor has not come loose and your graphics card is firmly in the slot.

  pat2068 21:23 08 Aug 2003

the monitor just went off, and the orange light on the tower stayed on steady, i had to switch it off at the mains and leave it for about 10 minutes before it would start again, cant get to the graphics card as the unit is sealed and still under warranty thanks mary

  hugh-265156 21:28 08 Aug 2003

could be the heat maybe or the psu playing up.if it happens again have it looked at under warranty.

  hugh-265156 21:30 08 Aug 2003

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  pat2068 19:01 09 Aug 2003

could anyone tell me what the settings in power options are mune as set to never but my monitor switched its self off again today they are now saying it could be power options please help thanks mary

  pat2068 20:14 09 Aug 2003


  pat2068 21:59 09 Aug 2003


  hugh-265156 22:58 09 Aug 2003

control panel/power options/power schemes:

the options here allow your monitor/hard drive or whole computer to enter standby after a selected period of non use.

if all are set to never then it wont enter standby by itself unless you set it.

i have my monitor set to turn off after an hour(in case i fall asleep) and the rest to never.its up to you what you set it as.

doesnt sound like power options are causing it.

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