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PC shows black screen when trying start

  Hetti 19:08 30 Jan 2013

My brother was watching a video clip on his 6/7 year old PC (running Win XP, the clip started buffering (I think that's the correct term) then everything went of, he tried to start the PC up again and got a series of rapid beeps about 8/10 then the black screen.

Its not the monitor ,as he connected that to a different PC and that was OK. Any suggestions appreciated as the PC he has setup now takes about a week to change pages,really painfully slow as it was a cheapie with low spec and it is also old too.

  Hetti 20:39 30 Jan 2013

Thanks dkdanielkli

Kinda thought it might be the end of the road for it with it being so old, don't know if he will try to reinstall windows, but I will let him know about your suggestion so thanks again.

  Hetti 17:43 06 Mar 2013

Have not disposed of the PC yet, was wondering if it would be possible to try to run a newer version of windows on it, if I did try to reinstall operating system

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:52 06 Mar 2013

I'm running Xp on an 8yr old machine (P4 1.75MB Ram ) very sucessfully so once sorted yor 6 yr old should be fine.

what have you looked at so far? beeps and symptoms sound like memory problems

  daxian 17:56 06 Mar 2013

hi ... i would suspect the graphics card might need reseating ,if it has an external card . as for a newer o/s, if its that old ,the specs might not be upto requirement for win 7 ,but possibly vista would run.

  chub_tor 18:15 06 Mar 2013

Daxian is right, 8 beeps is very often a graphics card problem. If it is a desktop take off the side panel and see if you have a separate graphics card and if you do then do as daxian suggest and take it out, give the contacts on the card a good wipe over and push it back in again. If the graphics is part of the motherboard you may be snookered but you may also have a slot available for an expansion graphics card and you could put one in there.

  woodchip 18:59 06 Mar 2013

Memory, but could be a Graphics card Problem, Try reseating the Graphics card, or if its onboard graphics try connecting to that

  Hetti 15:37 07 Mar 2013

I did not post back here as this is my brothers PC he was going to dispose of it, so I haven't done anything at all, but he informed me he had not got rid of it so I wondered if it was worth trying to reinstall windows as this should be within my capabilites

I don't know what the graphics card even looks like but I do know where memory is and what it looks like.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:05 07 Mar 2013

Unlikely that reinstalling windows will help as beeps are symptomns of a hardware problem such as memory / graphics card.

It might simply be cured by a removal and refit of both memory and graphics card as they can work loose overtime due to expansion and contraction as the machine meats up during use and cools off when shut down.

The graphics card is where your monitor cable plugs in at the back of the PC - undo cable remove side panel screws at rear and slide panel rerwards to remove - undo screw that holds graphics card down at rear of PC - disconnect any power leads that might be fitted to the card - wriggle the card slightly as you pull it up - refitting is just he opposite, making sure the card is firmly pressed into the slot.

Memory pics

How to fit a graphics card

  Hetti 16:23 07 Mar 2013

Chronus the 2nd I will ask him when he gets in later when he described them previously he said a series of rapid beeps about ten of them,I can only speak to him on the phone that coupled with the fact neither of us know much about PCs makes this differ cult. I had thought to visit him next week to try a reinstall of windows' so maybe I could TRY to look at the memory and graphics to see if there have to be reseated.

  Ian in Northampton 17:11 07 Mar 2013

As others have said: if it's beeps and a black screen, a Windows reinstall ain't gonna fix it. It's 99% certainly hardware-related.

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