PC setup help, nothing on screen

  Flanked 21:38 06 Feb 2015

Hi, I received my Zoostorm gaming PC, I've plugged in all the cables and switched it on but nothing is happening now. I have the mouse arrow on screen and that's where it has stopped. Anyone have any idea why this happened and how i can get it on.

All the instructions seem to be guides on how to fit and install the hard drive, graphics card etc. This is irrelevant as it is all built and should be ready to go.

I hope it's something simple and one of you guys can point me in the right direction.


  rdave13 22:04 06 Feb 2015

What Operating system ?

On the black screen with the mouse cursor, press and hold the CTRL key and the left ALT key, then , with both keys pressed and held, tap the delete key. What options do you get if any?

  wee eddie 22:47 06 Feb 2015

I know that this may sound silly but is worth a try.

Turn it Off 》Unplug everything 》Reconnect everything following the instructions to the letter 》Reboot.

If it still doesn't work. Ring Zoostorm, it should. Speak nicely and with any luck they will get to the bottom of the problem.

Do NOT 》Do NOT unplug anything while it is powered up. Do not open it without permission from Zoostorm

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