Pc sending out spam emails

  SB23 16:13 10 May 2011

Something has got through onto my pc, and is sending out emails with links to people in my address book. It started at 1.20pm today, and has so far sent about 30 emails. The links all vary slightly but basically take you to sites that sell medicines. Any ideas on how to stop this, as I scanned last night and all came back clear and ok.



  SB23 16:31 10 May 2011

Its not Hotmail but an Aol account, and according to my sent folder they are all from me.

  woodchip 16:55 10 May 2011

In your Address book put a x at the end of every address only remove it when you send a Mail

  SB23 20:05 10 May 2011

woodchip, thats a brilliant idea, thankyou. Although I have just deleted my whole address list as, most of them were "auto added", which I have just turned off.

I'm glad I noticed this today, because, so far, thankfully of the 30 plus that were sent, 29 have come back to my spam folder with the Mailer-Daemon issue. I have also just changed my password too.

  woodchip 20:49 10 May 2011

So it worked, Good

  woodchip 20:51 10 May 2011

PS you have a bogeyman in your PC, you need to find out where it is. This most likely came to you by opening an attachment or Mail that you did not know

  woodchip 20:57 10 May 2011


They do this so they can flood a Site with Spam to close them down and give them an headache, some one they do not like but as its from your PC they do not get traced

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